My art journey

My journey as an artist began ten years ago as I entered the local art school for a week-long summer course called Finding Your Artistic Voice. I was a complete beginner. Except for a few attempts with watercolor, I had never painted before and barely knew upside down on the paint brush. 

One of my first paintings (c) Copyright. All rights reserved Art by Rekkebo

I found my true calling

On day two I realised I had finally found my calling. My results were nothing to brag about, but I loved the creative process. It was a very intense and hot summer week with deep diving into inner landscapes, lovely lunches outside and refreshing swimming in the river with new friends. 

The teacher was a well known artist who sometimes gave me a creepy feeling as she laughed at my beginner attempts at colour mixing and criticised my way of using the paintbrush. Therefore I somehow didn’t think the teacher was walking the talk, but she kind of saw right through me and I was strongly encouraged to enter the two year art program. And for that I am forever grateful. 

A gift from my family

The summer course was a birthday gift from my family. My husband and my son witnessed the immediate impact this creative week course had on my wellbeing, so the following month I enrolled as an art student, finally at the age of 50. Looking back I regret not doing this years ago, but life has been filled with other things. 

The following two years my learning curve was steep as I had spent most of my life fulfilling others expectations, not listening to my inner self. They say there is a crack in everything, and that is where the light gets in. I don’t know who I’d be without my creative practice. Entering my studio is like coming home on a deeper level.

Stressful years

For years I worked full time jobs and made art during evenings, weekends and holidays. I hardly had any energy to meet friends, and my poor family only saw me during meals and when I fell asleep on the sofa totally worn out. I have no idea how many movies I slept through while my tea got cold. 

Working two careers is demanding, and as my everyday life started to feel like a mountain to climb, and I began to feel dead inside, I realised I had to change my priorities and went for less stressful day jobs. Between jobs I spent long hours of hard work alone in the studio to push my art forward. Years of poor income have taught me not to spend money.

(c) Copyright Art by Rekkebo
I love working with colours (c) Copyright. All rights reserved Art by Rekkebo

Never stop dreaming

To me being an artist means quite a few sacrifices. We only have 24 hours and 7 days a week. I plan my days well in order to accomplish what I want. Artist life is sometimes stressful, but I’ll never stop trying to fulfil my dream. 

Trusting my inner voice has been a hard trial, guess I wasn’t brave enough to listen, maybe I was told I wasn’t good enough too often. When you feel your life is too small for you it’s time to make a leap! Time to unfold! Trust your inner voice, it demands to be heard! 

10 years and 10 000 hours later

They say you need about 10 000 hours of practice to become really good at something. My art practice has covered several trials and errors, exploration, failure and happy coincidences. I have painted small and big, painted over again and sold a few. I have taken workshops, had exhibitions, even attended a third year at the local art school. I’ve learnt techniques and made loads of paintings in different styles, but I’m still searching.

10 years later I am eager to find my true artistic voice. But when the student is ready, the teacher will appear! So I carry on. 

(c) Copyright Art by Rekkebo
Never too late (c) Copyright. All rights reserved Art by Rekkebo

My global collage village

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst and expect nothing! A year ago I had no idea what impact Covid-19 would have around the globe and how it would affect my daily life. Today I know a lot more. I’m glad I didn’t know everything forehand. Sometimes it’s best to accept the situation and don’t push the river, so to speak.

Cancelled and closed

I admit it has been a bit tricky to stay optimistic the past year. I mean, most of my plans are on hold and the corona situation will probably make sure it stays like that for quite some time. Like many other artists, the only thing I can do is work, work, work alone in my studio and hope for better times to come. Sometimes it feels like my painting sessions continue long into my sleep, like a neverending story. 

All shows are cancelled. All workshops are cancelled. Even art supply shops are closed. I have run out of several mediums and therefore have to improvise.  Most likely I’ll have to order something from an online store just to get things going.

Making collage (c) Copyright. All rights reserved Art by Rekkebo

No man is an island – or?

They say “no man is an island” meaning that most people need to be part of a community in order to thrive. This capital city has been more or less closed down for five months and we are all pretty isolated. Maybe it’s time to rethink how we downsize our health care systems, organize our work and communities and how we live our lives? 

As some of you have read and commented on earlier, an art school is not particularly suitable for online schooling while working on your graduate project. Last year Covid-19 forced all supervision to take place in a virtual classroom and in such moments it’s hard to keep the motivation going. In times like this you have to trust the process and seek inspiration elsewhere.

Small collages in the making (c) Copyright. All rights reserved Art by Rekkebo

My global collage village

A year ago, as Oslo closed down, I quickly understood that I needed to get myself a hobby and a creative online community to hang out with. Luckily I came across a fantastic group of international collage artists. I have learned so much from making collage, taking online classes, discussing with morning birds and night owls and hanging out with these wonderful people. My art collection has grown along with my hope! So thank you Canaries, you really inspire me to grow my wings! 

April 1. 2020 I made my very first 5 minute intuitive collage. One year later I have taken on a few challenges and made some progress. I do not compare myself to artists with 10 plus years of experience – they do amazing works! And I’m still a beginner. But as long as I’m happy, I carry on. Doing it my way. I find making collage to be both relaxing and challenging and very suitable in my ongoing process of abstractifying my work.

This April (2021) I focused on making a series of 36 collages and I’m actually quite happy with some of them. A few even found their way overseas. I will definitely dedicate more time to working with collage. But first I will try to add collage into my paintings.

36 small collages on my wall (c) Copyright. All rights reserved Art by Rekkebo

Coming in from the cold with fresh eyes 

We had a really cold winter this year. Since I have moved my studio home, opening windows was not a preferred thing to do, so I had to come up with less smelly ways of working. Making collage is one of them. Working small and journaling is another. Rethinking and retextualisation is part of the process. So I’m not looking for “new landscapes”, I use “fresh eyes” to see what is already there. 

It’s not always what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. So, I’m kind of looking for traces, searching for myself…or rather; new ways of “inventing” my art. 

What if?

When time is abundant and money is scarce, when your studio is smaller than your big dreams, when you run out of your favourite art supplies – what do you do? You either freak out or you try new things! I wonder what happens if I do this or that? Or try another way? My next project might be using my grandmother’s sewing machine on my canvases. The sewing machine that only runs backwards. Wohoo, that might be a lot of fun!

Never give up, keep trying and practise every day! Success comes in many different shapes and forms. Have faith and have fun!

Think big, work small

Oh boy, what a freezing cold February we had this year. The cat cried and refused to leave the house. My brain was going in circles, so I forced myself to endure the short walk to the local library once a week to pick up a stack of interesting books before crawling back under the blanket together with my poor cat. 

(c) art by rekkebo

Lack of motivation

I had numerous cups of tea and felt like decomposing every time I looked out the window. No motivational quotes would ever get me through this horrible winter. I realised I had to DO SOMETHING to get myself back on track. I had to step up!

Nurturing myself

Still not feeling fit for fight after being sick on and off since last spring when the pandemic hit, I decided to go back to my old friend yoga. Sadly I found that even very small doses of yoga would knock me out for 2-3 days, so I had to plan well to avoid the fatigue reaction and think of new ways to nurture my creative self. 

In case you wondered, severe headaches, neck pain and brain fog does not exactly boost your cognitive resources. I could barely focus nor think, and the same thoughts repeated themselves over and over again. Luckily they were happy thoughts!

Dreaming of summer

For days and weeks I could think of nothing but spring flowers and lazy summer days, so I obeyed and started painting what my mind was full of.

With so little energy to spend each day, I realised I had to sit down at my desk and work small. My initial plans of going big this spring was out of the question. 

Looking for motifs

A year ago I was working on my third year graduate art project and looking through my sketchbooks I found my mother’s vases and my grandma’s urns. I had a new project!

Abstract painting is where I feel most at home. But working small is a challenge. I also wanted to add more layers and introduce some new techniques in my paintings. Maybe try out new colour combinations as well. 

Think big, work small

There are many advantages when working small: You can sit down at your desk while working. You can finish a small painting in a relatively small amount of time. You can make several variations of the same motif and try out different things. You might take a picture of your painting and put it through one of those interior apps to see what it would look like on a big scale. Some of them turn out pretty cool – and one day I just might PAINT BIG again!

(c) art by rekkebo

Thank you for buying my art

Thank you so much for buying my art! It gives me a lot of energy and creative joy! Love all your nice feedback and inquiries regarding my work. Unfortunately, I am a little behind with the orders, but trust me they will come!

Tusen takk for at dere kjøper bildene mine! Det gir meg masse energi og skaperglede! Veldig moro med alle hyggelige tilbakemeldinger og henvendelser. Jeg henger dessverre litt etter med bestillingene, men de kommer, de kommer!

Digital theft

It feels horrible to find out that my pictures are stolen and sold on dubious websites. I have previously been spared for digital theft, but this fall I had some devastating news. To avoid future digital thefts, I have therefore changed the quality and image size of what I post online. Sad, because this affects all of you good people with honest intentions.

Digitalt tyveri

Det er skikkelig kjipt når bildene mine stjeles og selges på tvilsomme nettsider. Jeg har tidligere vært forskånet for den slags, men i høst fikk jeg meg en durabelig nedtur. For å unngå fremtidige digitale tyverier, ser jeg meg derfor nødt til å endre kvalitet og bildestørrelse på det jeg legger ut på nett. Trist, fordi dette går utover alle dere som har ærlige hensikter.

A strange year

2020 has been a busy year, and a very different year, marked by Covid-19, which put an end to many plans. The spring term at art school was therefore strongly influenced by online studies, which is far from optimal during the 3rd school year’s most important period working on my graduate project in visual arts. Fortunately, opportunities arose to hold an exhibition in Gallery C-14 when the corona restrictions opened up for it. This autumn has also been characterized by restrictions, but you learn to improvise, so I have spent my autumn months well; they have been packed with new inspiration and long work hours in my studio.

Et underlig år

2020 har vært et travelt år, og et veldig annerledes år preget av Covid-19 som satte en stopper for mange planer. Vårsemesteret ved kunstskolen ble derfor sterkt preget av nettstudier, hvilket er langt fra optimalt under 3.årets viktigste periode og arbeidet med hovedoppgaven. Heldigvis kom muligheter for å arrangere utstilling i galleri C-14 når korona-restriksjonene åpnet for det. Høstsemesteret har også vært preget av restriksjoner, men man lærer å improvisere, så jeg har brukt høstmånedene godt, de har vært fullspekket av ny inspirasjon og intenst arbeid i atelieret.

Closed studio

This December, my studio has been closed after a busy autumn and I have spent time with my family. Truth be told, my health has faltered a little bit more than usual this strange year. I have therefore tried to spoil and nurture myself during this dark period of the year. Because health is important for my creativity. 

I feel fine and I’m looking forward to getting back in my studio. I have so many ideas and soon it’s time to plan for the year to come. I hope for a prosperous year!

In the meantime, I wish you all a happy new year!

Stengt atelier

Denne desembermåneden har atelieret vært stengt etter en travel høst og jeg har brukt tid og energi på familien. Sant å si så har vel helsa skranglet litt mer enn vanlig dette underlige året, jeg har derfor forsøkt å pleie meg selv litt ekstra godt i denne mørke tiden. For helsa er viktig for kreativiteten, så det er godt å kjenne at det kribler litt og at jeg gleder meg til å komme igang igjen med å lage bilder. 

Jeg har mange ideer og snart er det tid for å planlegge året som kommer. La oss inderlig håpe det blir et fruktbart år!

I mellomtiden ønsker jeg alle et riktig godt nytt år!

(c) Copyright. All rights reserved Art by Rekkebo

New Beginnings

Sometimes working in the art studio really sucks. There are days where nothing goes as planned, paintings that never turn out the way you want them to no matter how hard you work. Sometimes art resembles the struggle of life itself; same old shit, back and forth, like a game of ping pong.

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Struggling with art is, of course, a minor problem in the world. But art can pinpoint more important things as well and sometimes we all need to get a grip, to take new responses because: More of the same old shit won’t get you where you want!

Earlier I have been suggesting that the artistic process often takes the shape of a loop. In the sense of evolving as an artist the process often goes in circles, or spirals, where you integrate today’s expression with earlier experiences, motives, themes and techniques. This magical process results in a personal artistic language and, as time pass by, you reach new levels and make more interesting art.

To be honest, I’ve been struggling for quite some time, feeling unable to take my artistic process to a higher level. So what to do? Give up, or continue painting the same shit over and over again? Luckily I have some really wise people in my life to discuss important matters with, when reflection on my own doesn’t bring me any further. Thank you, for being part of my life and for lending ears to my artistic frustrations. Brainstorming is da shit; listen closely to experience and open up for new ideas!

Sometimes New Beginnings are disguised as painful endings.

Intuitive painting is fun (c) art-by-rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

It is normal to resist, and even resent changes. But change is somehow the key to the circle of life; seasons come and go, after rain comes sun. Yes, it’s true that a beginning can seem like an end, but when one door closes then another door opens! So what’s perceived as painful and undesirable, often paves the way for something better – and if not better, at least different.

My art project is based on a playful and exploratory process. In my quest for personal artistic expression I explore several possibilities to present expressive abstractions from everyday life. I try to deal with complex settings by taking a closer look, because often a glance under the surface reveals unknown beauty and new paths to follow.

I believe struggling is part of the game, and in order to succeed you need to work through both rainy days and rough seas. I try to embrace the unexpectedness of life and change by working hard and dig deep – but in loose, playful ways – by observation, looking for lucky coincidence on the way. Because I want to enjoy my time on earth, both inside and outside the studio.


Noen ganger suger det skikkelig å jobbe i atelieret. Det fins dager hvor ingenting går som planlagt, malerier som aldri blir slik du vil, uansett hvor mye du jobber. Av og til minner kunsten om livet selv; det samme gamle, frem og tilbake som å spille bordtennis.

Mine kunstneriske bekymringer er selvfølgelig små, globalt sett. Men kunst kan også si noe om større sammenhenger og innimellom trenger vi nye tilnærminger for å komme videre fordi: Mer av det samme, fører deg ikke dit du vil!

Jeg har tidligere skrevet om at den kunstneriske prosessen ofte går i en loop der du gjenoppfinner deg selv; en magisk prosess der du integrerer dagens uttrykk med dine tidligere erfaringer, motiver, temaer og teknikker. Dette resulterer i et personlig kunstnerisk språk, og etter hvert som du når nye nivåer kan du skape mer interessant kunst.

For å være ærlig, så har jeg slitt litt en stund. Jeg synes ikke at jeg har klart å nå et nytt kunstnerisk nivå og har derfor tidvis vært ganske frustrert. Den som gir seg er en dritt, men er det egentlig noen vits i å male det samme bildet om og om igjen? Heldigvis kjenner jeg noen veldig kloke mennesker som jeg kan diskutere viktige saker med, når refleksjon på egen hånd ikke bringer meg videre. Takk og lov for at dere er en del av livet mitt og for at dere orker å dvele ved mine kunstneriske frustrasjoner. Brainstorming er suverent, andres erfaringer kan fort åpne opp for nye ideer!

Noen ganger er begynnelser forkledd som en smertefull slutt.

Motstand er ofte begynnelsen til endring. Og forandring er nøkkelen til livets sirkel; årstider kommer og går, etter regn kommer sol. Joda, det er sant at begynnelser kan virke som slutten, men når en dør lukkes, åpnes en annen dør! Så det som kan oppfattes som smertefullt og uønsket, baner ofte vei for noe bedre – og om ikke bedre, i det minste annerledes.

Mitt kunstprosjekt baseres på en leken og utforskende prosess. I min søken etter et personlig kunstnerisk uttrykk, undersøker jeg flere muligheter til å presentere uttrykksfulle abstraksjoner fra levd liv. Jeg prøver å håndtere komplekse situasjoner ved å kikke litt nærmere på hva som egentlig skjer og et blikk under overflaten avslører ofte skjult skjønnhet og nye stier å følge.

Jeg tror at det å streve litt er en del av pakka – og for å lykkes, både som menneske og kunstner, må man tåle både motvind og motbakker. Jeg prøver å stå i det, jeg bruker gråværsdagene aktivt til å jobbe systematisk og å grave dypt – men på en løssluppen og leken måte- der jeg ser etter heldige sammentreff underveis. For jeg vil nyte min stund på jorden, både i og utenfor atelieret.

Trust the Process

The month of January always gives me a creative kick. This year is now exception. After weeks of darkness and cold weather, the sun is back and amounts of white snow makes nature look amazingly light and beautiful. Mother Nature gives fresh inspiration; her shapes, lines, structures and the graphic winter color scheme make me want to wander off into new paintings. But transforming impressions of nature into a personal artistic language is a complex procedure which requires reflection time, trial and errors. My mantra is therefore: Trust the process!

trust the process - final stage of River Houses (60x80cm)

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

When art teachers say “trust the process” what do they try to tell you? I remember discussing this topic vividly with class mates in art school on several occasions. We all had different views depending on the situation. Here are a few interpretations I have overheard: “It’s a nice way of telling you that you lack talent (ha, ha). It means you need some more experience, so work hard (I damn will). It means you have to carry on till you make it right, you’re the boss!”

When I use the expression towards my art students “trust the process” means believe that you’ve got what it takes! Or if you don’t; ask for help, discuss with colleagues, take a time out and do something else! Then start over again.

Amazingly often the artistic process takes form as a loop where you recycle yourself; a process where you take earlier themes, techniques and motives into a higher stage. Painting is a bit like life itself, you need to grow and sometimes you need to start all over again.

There is no quick fix; you have to work hard to evolve as an artist. Some of my paintings are stuck away for months, even years before I finish them. In the meantime I work on other paintings, or with other techniques, to build up the competence I need. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I fail. I have fucked up several nearly finished paintings, I even cried a few times over lost beauty – only to realize that the new painting came out a lot better than the version I fucked up.

So trust the process, even if it takes a long time and requires loads of hard work! But most important: Never give up!


Januar pleier å gi meg et realt kreativt kick. I år er intet unntak. Etter uker med mørke og kulde er solen tilbake og den hvite snøen gjør naturen lys, myk og vakker. Moder Jord inspirerer med sine former, linjer, strukturer og vinterens spartanske farger gir meg lyst til å vandre inn i nye malerier. Det å omdanne naturens uttrykk til et personlig kunstnerisk språk er imidlertid en kompleks prosedyre som krever tid for refleksjon, prøving og feiling. Mitt mantra er derfor: Stol på prosessen!

Når kunstlærere sier “stol på prosessen”, hva prøver de egentlig å fortelle deg? Jeg husker vi diskuterte dette emnet heftig ved flere anledninger på kunstskolen. Og alle hadde litt ulike oppfatninger avhengig av sammenhengen. Her er noen tolkninger jeg har overhørt: “Det er en pen måte å fortelle deg at du mangler talent (ha, ha). Det betyr at du trenger litt mer erfaring, så jobb hardt. Det betyr at du må fortsette til du får det til, det er du som er sjefen!”

Når jeg bruker uttrykket “stol på prosessen” overfor mine kunststudenter, betyr det at du må stole på at du har det som skal til! Eller hvis du ikke har det; be om hjelp, diskutere med kolleger, ta deg litt fri og gjør noe annet! Så starter du på’n igjen.

Den kunstneriske prosessen beveger seg i en loop der du gjenoppfinner deg selv; gjennom en kreativ prosess der du tar med deg tidligere temaer, teknikker og motiver opp til et høyere nivå. Maleprosessen er som livet, du må vokse litt og noen ganger må du starte forfra.

Det finnes ingen snarveier; du må jobbe hardt og metodisk for å utvikle seg som kunstner. Enkelte av mine malerier står bortstuet i måneder, eller år før jeg fullfører dem. I mellomtiden jobber jeg med andre malerier, eller med andre teknikker, for å bygge opp kompetansen jeg trenger. Noen ganger får jeg det til og andre ganger ikke. Jeg har ødelagt flere ferdige malerier jeg anså for å være nesten ferdige, jeg har felt tårer over tapt skjønnhet – bare for å innse at det omarbeidede maleriet ble mye bedre enn den tidligere versjonen.

Så stol på prosessen, selv om det tar lang tid og krever hardt arbeid! Og viktigst av alt: Gi aldri opp!

trust the process - Early stage of River Houses

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

The art of living and painting

Everyday life is quite busy. Quite time consuming, actually. There are bills to pay, meals, clothes, phone calls and floors to scrub. We face blue Mondays, early mornings, sickness, crowded buses, busy days, boring meetings, rainy afternoons and late evenings. Family and friends. Birthdays, weddings and funerals.

– So when do you paint? 

Sometimes life blows harder than the wind, and navigating through rough seas feels a bit overwhelming. It’s hard to focus. What is most important; today and tomorrow, in short sight and in a longer perspective? What’s important to me, where is my goal and how do I prioritize to get there? Do I need to set a new course?

24 hours and 7 days a week is hardly enough time to pull everything off. The trick is how to live life in order to accomplish what I want most. Where do I want to spend my energy? The answer is quite easy:

I want to paint more! So how on earth do I organize my days so I can paint more? Which time consuming thieves do I have to let go of?

As many of you already knows, social media, exhibitions and social gatherings are therefore not among my priorities at the moment. Because I want to paint more! 

get started

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

 På norsk:

Hverdagene er fylt med ulike tidkrevende gjøremål. Vi har regninger å betale, daglige måltider, klær, telefonsamtaler og gulv å vaske. Vi møter blåmandager, grytidlige morgener, sykdom, overfylte busser, travle dager, kjedelige møter, regnfulle ettermiddager og sene kvelder. Familie og venner. Fødselsdager, bryllup og begravelser.

-Hvordan få tid til å male?

Innimellom blåser livet kraftigere enn vinden, å navigere på hverdagens bølger føles tidvis litt overveldende. Det er vanskelig å fokusere. Hva er viktigst; i dag, i morgen, på kort og på lang sikt? Hva er viktigst for meg, hvor er målet mitt og hvordan prioriterer jeg for å komme dit? Må jeg sette ny kurs?

24 timer og 7 dager i uken er sjelden nok til å rekke alt man ønsker. Trikset blir derfor å regissere livet mitt slik at jeg har reelle muligheter til å oppnå det jeg ønsker aller mest. Hvor og hvordan vil jeg bruke min energi? Svaret er enkelt:

Jeg vil male mer! Så hvordan organiserer jeg dagene mine slik at jeg kan male mer? Hvilke tidstyver kan jeg gi slipp på?

Som mange av dere allerede vet er sosiale medier, utstillinger og sosiale sammenkomster derfor ikke blant mine prioriteringer for øyeblikket. Fordi jeg vil male mer!

Family first – Life has it’s own plan

I sure was hoping to paint a lot this summer, but sometimes life has it’s own plan. This summer our family took on a new mission; sweet Mr Kitten arrived and we immediately fell in love with this charming little fellow.

art cat in studio

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Checking out Mom’s studio
We slowly introduced Mr Kitten to both his new home and human family, Dad’s cooking, tree climbing with Human Brother and Mom’s paint brushes, hoping that in time Mr Kitten will fancy hanging out in the art studio with Mom. And surprice, surprice Mr Kitten seems to love art – especially since it comes with treats and hugs.

Artists and their cats
I know quite a few artists who enjoys the company of their fury friends. Cats seems to go well together with the free artistic spirits. I myself find cats truly inspiring and in secrecy I tend to call my black and white kitten Salvador. Guess I will have to buy this book.

Please check out my Homepage for more info about my work.

Jeg hadde håpet å male mye i sommer, men noen ganger tar livet nye vendinger. Denne sommeren påtok familien seg et nytt viktig oppdrag; denne herlige lille kattepusen kom til oss, vi forelsket oss i den lille karen og tilbrakte nesten all tid sammen med ham.

Sjekk ut mors studio
Vi introdusert kattungen sakte men sikkert for sitt nye hjem og menneskefamilie, for fars matlaging, menneskebrutterns treklatring og mors malepensler, i håp om at kattungen etter hvert vil komme til å like seg i atelieret med mamsen. Og til min store glede virker det som om kattungen liker kunst – særlig fordi det følger godbiter, kos og klemmer med.

Kunstnere og kattene deres
Jeg kjenner ganske mange kunstnere som nyter selskapet av sine firbente pelskledde venner. Katter synes å gå godt sammen med frie kunstneriske sjeler. Jeg synes katter er inspirerende på så mange ulike måter og i hemmelighet kaller jeg vår svart -hvite kattunge for Salvador. Tror nesten jeg blir nødt til å kjøpe denne boken.

Her finner du Hjemmesiden min

artists and their cats

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Summertime Fine

When I paint I feel fine, summertime fine – quite playful and happy acutally – like back in the days when the sky was always blue and we had strawberries for breakfast and spent the entire summer swimming, walking the woods and playing with friends.

Yellow cow, blue lorry (c) art-by-rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

This series of paintings, Summertime Fine, is inspired from memories. Here is one of my favourite paintings: Yellow Cow, Blue Lorry (46×55 cm acrylic and pastels on canvas).

Guess you can see that the sky was always blue back then, or maybe the weather has slightly changed through my memory filter…

I loved watching the green caterpillars eat my mother’s flowers for lunch. I remember thinking my mother’s nasturtiums were the most beautiful flowers on the garden porch, and I never fully understood why she freaked out seeing her beautiful flowers being eaten alive by the hordes of caterpillars.

I also enjoyed watching the happy cows grazing the fields after a long winter inside the cowshed. And I felt really proud as I grew strong enough to bring them water in heavy buckets, and boy they did drink a lot! Sometimes I spent the whole afternoon carrying water.

One day my father brought me a lorry, a blue lorry from the big city. I loved playing with my lorry, it was the only one I got.

Sweet dreams (c) art-by-rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Here are a few more paintings from the same series. And of course you can see more work at my homepage.

Kamikaze Bird (c) art-by-rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Når jeg maler har jeg det fint, sommerfølelsen er herlig – ganske leken og glad – som i gamle dager da himmelen alltid var blå og vi spiste jordbær til frokost og badet hele sommeren, gikk tur i skogen og lekte med venner.

Denne serien med malerier, Summertime Fine, er inspirert av gode minner. Dette er et av mine favoritt malerier: Gul ku, blå lastebil (46×55 cm akryl og tørrpastell på lerret).

Regner med du ser at himmelen alltid var blå, eller kanskje har været endret seg litt gjennom hukommelsens filter …

Jeg elsket å se de sultne grønne larvene spise min mors blomster til lunsj. Jeg syns at min mors blomkarse var de vakreste blomstene på verandaen, men jeg skjønte aldri hvorfor hun ble så sint når hun så at larvene spiste de vakre blomstene hennes.

Jeg likte veldig godt å se glade kyr på beite etter en lang vinter inne i fjøset. Og jeg var skikkelig stolt da jeg ble sterk nok til å gi kyrne vann i tunge bøtter, og jamme drikker dem mye! Av og til brukte jeg hele ettermiddagen på å bære vann.

En dag fikk jeg en lastebil av min far, en blå lastebil fra storbyen. Jeg elsket å leke med lastebilen, det var det eneste bilen jeg hadde.

Her er noen flere malerier fra den samme serien. Du kan du se flere arbeider på min hjemmeside

Virre longing for a home (c) art-by-rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Capturing the soul

As a social anthropologist I’m interested in people from different cultures and what happens in meetings between people; the interesting thing is who we are when intaracting with others. Art intervenes in human life through portrayals that give insight into the hidden realms. In this way art resembles psychology and anthropology: It’s all about understanding human nature, or capturing the soul.

Alayshaa (c) artbyrekkebo 2016

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

“You use a mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.”
George Bernard Shaw

I paint portraits because I like people. Humans are both alike and different. But most of all I think it’s about the relationship you have with others. Often people perceive the same person in different ways, and it boils down to like or dislike.

The deeper beneath the surface you get, the more likely you find that you like a person. Many of us have experienced that someone we initially thought we did not like, proved to be both pleasant and interesting. I hereby challenged you to dig a little deeper into the matter next time you think you dislike someone!

When I paint portraits, I like to portray someone I know, but rarely ask them to model for me while painting. My method is more intuitive and expressive, and I paint people as I think them. In this way, my working process is quite similar to how the author creates a character.

Barbie (c) artbyrekkebo 2016

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Then comes the most exciting part; how the images are perceived by others. I could write books on these associations and the stories are a great source of further inspiration!

Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see.
Paul Klee

Feel free to check out my homepage for more works


Som sosialantropolog er jeg interessert i mennesker fra ulike kulturer og hva som skjer i møter mellom mennesker; det interessante er hvem vi blir sammen med andre. Kunst griper inn i menneskets liv gjennom skildringer som gir innblikk i skjulte sfærer. På denne måten ligner kunst på psykologi og sosialantropologi: Alle fagfeltene handler om å forstå menneskets vesen, eller å fange menneskets sjel.

“Du bruker speilet for å se ansiktet ditt; du bruker kunstverk for å se sjelen din.”
George Bernard Shaw

Jeg maler portretter fordi jeg liker folk. Mennesker er både like og forskjellige utenpå og inni. Men mest av alt tror jeg det handler om hvilke relasjon du har til andre. Det er mange eksempler på at folk oppfatter en og samme person som veldig forskjellig, det koker ofte ned til å like eller ikke like.

Indie (c) artbyrekkebo 2016

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Det beste er jo at jo dypere under overflaten du kommer, jo mer sannsynlig er det at du oppdager at du liker vedkommende. De fleste av oss har vel opplevd at noen vi i utgangspunktet trodde vi ikke likte, viste seg å være både hyggelige og interessante. Så herved utfordres du til å gå litt dypere inn i materien neste gang du misliker noen!

Når jeg jobber med portretter liker jeg å ta utgangspunkt i folk jeg kjenner, men uten at de sitter modell for meg mens jeg maler. Min metode er mer intuitiv og ekspressiv, jeg maler folk slik jeg fornemmer dem, ikke nødvendigvis slik de ser ut. På denne måten ligner metoden mer på forfatterens som skaper en karakter.

Det mest spennende for meg, er ikke hva jeg selv tenker og ønsker å formidle, men hvordan bildene oppfattes av andre. Jeg kunne skrevet bøker på bakgrunn av andres assosiasjoner. Historiene er en stor kilde til videre inspirasjon!

“Kunsten reproduserer ikke det vi ser; kunsten gir oss mulighet til å se.”
Paul Klee

Ta gjerne en titt på hjemmesiden min for flere bilder

Happy & Creative New year!

I plan for a happy and Creative Year of 2016 beacause not everything turn out as planned last year, so my summer holiday project is still unfinished – but on the other hand: I have buckets of motivation waiting to materialize! Hence I plan for a prosperous 2016!


Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

For me getting through these past 6 months has been more than a handful, but on a global scale… NOT. I am so proud of my fellow artists and friends that have been organizing and helping out during the refugee migrations from Syria – both here in Norway and in Greece. Most of the artist I know own little, but give from their big warm hearts!

Complications due to surgery is not something I planned for, but hopefully things are getting back on track now; you know:

“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place…”

I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year. May all your dreams come true. I know mine will!

sometimes things fall into place

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo


Jeg satser på et særdeles godt kreativt 2016 fordi alt gikk ikke helt etter planen i fjor, så… mitt sommerferieprosjekt står fortsatt uferdig – på den annen side: Jeg har bøtter med motivasjon som bare venter på å materialisere seg! Så jeg går for et fremgangstrikt 2 016!

De siste 6 månedene har vært mer enn en håndfull for meg, men ikke i et globalt perspektiv … Jeg er så stolt av mine kunstnervenner som har organisert og hjulpet til under Syrernes flukt – både her hjemme i Norge og i Hellas. De fleste kunstnere jeg kjenner eier lite, men gir fra sine store og varme hjerter!

Komplikasjoner på grunn av kirurgi er ikke noe jeg har planlagt, men forhåpentligvis ordner ting seg nå. Du vet:

“Noen ganger når ting ramler fra hverandre, faller de faktisk på plass …”

Så det gjelder å ha trua!

Med ønske om et godt og fremgangsrikt nytt år. Måtte alle dine drømmer gå i oppfyllelse. Jeg vet at mine vil det!

beware of artists they mix with all

beware of artists they mix with all

The problem of storing your art works

The other day I was talking about advantages with being an artist, and how to deal with disadvantages.

For inspired, bold and productive people like me one problem is to store all the work; there are huge amounts of paper rolls, sketches, drawings, prints and canvases in all stages – since I prefer to work on several items simultaneously.

Art for sale - wanna shop?

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Right now I have like 30 canvases waiting to be fulfilled. But I don’t consider that a disadvantage – on the contrary; I always have a canvas to work on, no matter what, because there are always things to be done somewhere along the process.

One advantage of having lots of paintings available, is that you don’t have to worry about decorating your home. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about gifts for friends and family.


Her om dagen snakket jeg om fordeler og ulemper ved å være kunstner.

For inspirerte, arbeidsomme og modige sjeler som meg selv kan det jo kanskje by på visse problemer å skulle lagre store mengder med papirruller, skisser, trykk, tegninger og lerreter på ulike stadier i arbeidsprosessen, jeg liker nemlig å jobbe på flere parallelle prosjekter.

Nå har jeg omtrent 30 lerreter i ulike stadier som bare venter på å fullføres. Men jeg ser ikke på det som en ulempe, snarere tvert i mot – for da har jeg alltid noe å gjøre uavhengig av dagsform og grad av inspirasjon.

En av fordelene er jo at du alltid kan style hjemmet ditt med originalkunst, og du har sjelden problemer med å finne aktuelle gaver til slekt og venner.

Redecorate your home before the next party

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Strawberry fields forever – My art studio

There are many advantages in being a painter; like having strawberries for brunch and painting whenever you feel like!

There are a few disadvantages as well; like being broke and sometimes you might feel a bit lonesome in your studio.

I grew up in the strawberry fields at beautiful Frosta in the fiord outside Trondheim, now my art studio is my strawberry fields!
So far I have chosen to work on my own, and join my classmates from art school whenever they arrange classes or throw wild parties from their lovely studio U90 situated in Oslo.

Artist life is not for everyone! But I love it! I wish I could paint day and night – because there are so many paintings inside my head! 


Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo


Det er mange fordeler med å være kunstner; eksempelvis å kunne spise jordbær til brunsj og male akkurat når du føler for det!

Det er et par ulemper også; som å være konstant blakk og innimellom kan man føle seg bittelitt ensom i atelieret sitt.

Jeg vokste opp i jordbæråkrene på Frosta i Trondheimsfjorden, jeg spiste jordbær til frokost hver dag hele sommeren. Nå er atelieret min jordbæråker! Vanligvis jobber jeg best alene, men jeg liker godt å henge sammen med mine gamle klassekamerater i deres herlige atelierfellesskap U90 her i Oslo når de inviterer til kurs eller ville kunstnerfester.

Å være kunstner passer ikke for alle, men jeg elsker kunstnerlivet! Jeg skulle ønske jeg kunne male døgnet rundt, for det er så mange herlige bilder i hodet mitt.

Inside – Outside. Stay weird, stay different!

When I work I often contemplate special themes that has occurred in my life, or issues I have stumbled upon, hoping to glimpse some kind of understanding.

Inside -Outside detail from paintingprocess

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

The Inside – Outside theme is a favorite of mine, because I believe most of us have the urge to belong somewhere, to fit in. 

Belonging somewhere_small

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

At Sunday’s Oscars Graham Moore won Best Adapted Screenplay for “The Imitation Game” and used the win to give a powerful speech:

“I tried to commit suicide at 16 and now I’m standing here. I would like this moment to be for that kid out there who feels like she doesn’t fit in anywhere. You do. Stay weird. Stay different. And when it’s your turn, when you are standing on this stage please pass the same message along.”

My thoughts about fitting in are perhaps not revolutionary, but still: Most of us have many talents, hence several opportunities will knock. – The hard part is to figure out who you wanna be, what you wanna do! And when you find out, you’ll fit in!

About this painting:
In this painting you might see several faces, both human and animal shapes and maybe a tiny bridge over troubled water. Can you also see the baby onlooking his future?

Title: Inside - Outside

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Title: Inside – Outside
Size: 45×55 cm
Technique: acrylic on canvas
See more paintings at my homepage

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Når jeg maler et bilde tenker jeg ofte på temaer eller hendelser fra mitt eget eller andres liv i håp om å nå små glimt av innsikt.

Inside – Outside temaet er ett av mine favoritter, fordi jeg tror mange av oss lengter etter å høre til og å passe inn.

Oscarvinnende Graham Moores takketale for beste manus i Morten Tyldums “The Imitation Game” var kraftfull:

“Da jeg var 16, forsøkte jeg å ta mitt eget liv fordi jeg følte meg rar og annerledes. Jeg følte at jeg ikke hørte til. Nå står jeg her og denne prisen går til den ungen der ute som føler seg rar eller annerledes, eller at hun ikke passer inn noe sted. Jo, det gjør du! Det lover jeg. Forbli rar, forbli annerledes! Og når det blir din tur, når du står på denne scenen – vær så snill og gi den samme beskjeden videre!”

Mine tanker om å høre til er neppe revolusjonerende, men likevel: Jeg tror de fleste av oss har mange talenter og derfor vil ulike muligheter banke på døra vår. – Det gjelder å finne ut hvem du vil være og hva du vil gjøre! Og når du vet det, da passer du inn!

Om dette maleriet:
Det er mulig du ser både ansikter og dyre- og menneskeskikkelser i dette maleriet, kanskje ser du også en liten bro over den strie elven. Men kan du se babyen som skuer inn i fremtiden?

Du kan se flere malerier på hjemmesiden min.

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So why do I paint? Hvorfor maler jeg?

I am a visually oriented person, I think and memorize in mental images, and I often find it hard to explain, or translate the content of the images residing in my head to spoken language or writing.

The tiny artist and Mr.Teddy

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

They say a picture contains more than a thousand words, I’ve heard that some of my paintings inhabits strange worlds from unknown galaxies.

As a child I spent hours every day with my pencils and crayons. At the age of 8 I bought my first camera from money I had saved. My father’s drawings were of great inspiration, and my fathers mother always wanted to model for me, she urged me to exhibit my work in her living room.

As I organized my first “public exhibition” Mr. Teddy and I went from house to house urging everyone to come. I remember it as a tremendous success! No wonder I started painting!

You can see some of my paintings at my homepage


Mr. Teddy is still here

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Jeg er visuelt orientert, jeg tenker og husker i bilder og jeg synes ofte det er vanskelig å forklare, eller oversette bildene jeg ser i mitt indre til forståelig tale eller skriftspråk.

Det sies at et bilde inneholder mer enn tusen ord, jeg har hørt at mine malerier inneholder underlige verdener fra ukjente galakser.

Som barn tilbrakte jeg timevis hver dag med blyanter og fargestifter. Da jeg fylte åtte kjøpte jeg mitt første kamera for egne penger. Pappas tegninger var veldig inspirerende og farmor var alltid klar for å sitte modell for meg, hun oppmuntret meg til å stille ut tegningene mine i leiligheten hennes.

Da jeg organisert min første “offentlige utstilling”, gikk Herr Blå og jeg fra hus til hus og ba alle naboene om å komme og se. Jeg minnes utstillingen som en kjempesuksess! Ikke rart jeg begynte å male!

Du kan se noe av det jeg har malt på hjemmesiden min.

My favorite brushes in my grandmother's jar

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

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