Summer Feeling Continues

Summer isn’t over yet! As July turned into August, I deliberately chose to continue the summer feeling for one more month. And what a brilliant month it has been (except for a terrible sinus infection). Besides lazy breakfasts, walks with my cat, hammock time and old movies, we enjoyed another nice visit from overseas. 

As September is approaching, I’m thinking of enjoying one more month of the magical summer feeling before autumn arrives. How about that?

Flower power
Flower power in my studio

But first, I’m gonna recap a little from August days in my studio. When thinking back on my studio time, I believe I made some progress and discovered new ways to deal with old problems. Ha ha! After all, being an artist takes a lot of problem solving. 

What’s up?

Last month of summer holidays gave me lots of studio time. I’d say much wanted and needed studio time after busy months of work and travels. 

During my summer vacation I restarted my daily art practice and continued working on my long term project finding my deeper voice. I also started exploring a new Wabi Sabi project; the art of imperfection. But most of the time I had lots and lots of fun. 

People and artists are different, there are various ways of carrying out one’s art practice. Those who know me, will know that I always work on parallel projects, both short term and long term projects. This is a glimpse from one of them:

New adventures in my studio


Some of you might know that I am a process-based artist. That means I explore the “unknown” parts of the creative process. The question: “I wonder what happens if?” really inspires me to paint and to explore new ways of doing stuff. 

I work on several paintings at the same time. Each painting takes me on a ride, where neither of us knows the final destination until we arrive. Thus art is a guide and has much to teach me about life, what is going on in the world and about myself.

My work evolves, ebbs and flows, sometimes circling back for another look or to re-work. I have learned to accept these changes to be authentic and truly embrace my own creativity and my own voice. I paint what I cannot express in words.

The painting process is a never ending story: 1) what happens if I try this 2) did it work out? 3) how do I respond to that? 

Hang in there! The clue is never giving up! Sooner or later the painting will fall into place. At some point there is nothing more that I want to change. And that’s when I know the painting is finished. Voila! 

I love my studio, and what happens there. It’s my happy place!

Process includes lots of coffe


Every month I search for inspiration. Besides reading lots of books and visiting some interesting art exhibitions, I had the pleasure of spending time with one of my nieces from overseas. We had some really interesting conversations, I’d love to do that more often! My husband and I continued revisiting some of our favourite old movies. So weird to discover you’ve forgotten half of the story, but what a joy!

So, what’s not to like about August? Hope you’ve had a good one, too!

Heads up!

People keep asking me how to buy my works. HEADS UP! here are some news for you: 

  • New original works will be available from my website soon! 
  • More info to come next month. 

Sign up for my mailing list /newsletter to be first in line to grab one!

Thank you for reading! I’ve had the most wonderful August days in my studio, my Happy Place which brings me joy and happiness and fills me with energy. Soon I will share some of the results with you. Stay tuned!

Work in progress
Work in progress

Wonderful Summer Days

Life has been so busy lately. I’ve been dreaming about lazy summer days and slow living with family and friends for months. I can hardly remember ever longing so deeply for my summer holidays. And I’ve really missed painting these past few months! 

Life has been so busy lately

I love lazy breakfasts, walks with my cat in the nearby woods, wonderful lunch baskets and swimming in the river, hiking and bicycling with my husband and of course, spending warm summer evenings in my hammock reading interesting books after nice dinners with a glass of Greek Retsina.

My hopes were high since June was super hot and sunny, but July turned out to be quite rainy, so I had lots of studio time.

Sunny Days in my studio in between the rain showers

So what’s up

Since last summer went down the drain due to covid, I had made plans to explore some new art territory this summer. But because the rain stopped me from working in my outdoor studio, I had to rethink. Seems that life has its own purpose. 

I decided to focus on having fun and to restart my daily art practice. My long term project on finding my deeper voice needed some attention. And I also started exploring a new Wabi Sabi project; the art of imperfection.

As usual I have lots of paintings going on in different stages; 1) the playful start, 2) the messy middle and 3) the clarifying stage. As one layer has to dry, I move on to the next piece. This way I never run out of work.

I paint what I cannot express in words. I paint to grasp the world around me by listening inwards. I paint in search of authenticity, trying to find and develop my true voice and always remember my artistic vision. 

Sometimes that resonates with the viewer and sometimes not. I believe every artwork will reveal its secrets to the right viewer and therefore you instinctively know when to buy a painting or not; because it speaks directly to you.  

Playful summer days in my studio


Every month I search for inspiration. This summer I have read lots and lots of good books (and a few not so good ones) and visited some interesting art exhibitions and had great conversations with my friend from overseas. 

During evenings my husband and I decided to revisit quite a few of our favourite melodramatic and humoristic movies by Spanish film director Pedro Almodòvar. What a joy!

Wonderful days

For me, making time to create is an important part of self-care. Studio time is sacred and my way of healing and dealing with the world. So I show up and create. That means getting into the studio no matter what is going on in life. 

Making art is a means of living my life, a way to be who I truly am. I think of art as my best friend and my studio always welcomes me, even on days where life is overwhelming and energy levels are low. 

The most wonderful days in my studio give rise to joyous series of explorations that lead to personal understanding and more interesting artworks. I’d say that my studio is my Happy Place which brings me joy and happiness and fills me with energy.

Well, I have to admit that friends and family were a bit neglected this summer, but what the heck: What a splendid way to spend my summer holidays painting!

Hope you had a ball, too!

Magic Summer Holidays

Summer Vibes and Group Exhibit i Canada

This month I’ve been busy painting (and selling) big cats, testing how to make digital art and giving my studio a much needed spring cleaning. I’ve also enjoyed the company of the younger generation in my studio, been to exhibitions and movies besides finding the slow vibes for a much needed summer vacation. 

Painting inspired by Her Highness Miss Selma
Painting inspired by Her Highness Miss Selma

Studio time as self-care

Most of us live busy lives. There are full time jobs, bills to pay, cooking and cleaning, friends and family to take care of, smartphones, concerts, football games and television. At my age I also need a good night’s sleep. 

For me, making time to create is an important part of self-care. Studio time is sacred and my way of healing and dealing with the world. So I show up and create. That means getting into the studio no matter what is going on in life. 

The most wonderful days in my studio give rise to joyous series of explorations that lead to personal understanding and more interesting artworks. 

Group exhibit in Canada

24.-25. June one of my cat paintings is exhibited in the beautiful city of Vancouver in Canada. Click here to check it out!

Catzy Cat on show in Vancouver Canada
Catzy Cat on show in Vancouver Canada


This month I’ve visited and revisited the Marianne Bratteli exhibition Beating Heart at the MUNCH museum in Oslo. To my surprise this is Marianne Bratteli’s first comprehensive museum exhibition. I find her works powerful and interesting. Despite the colorful and playful expression, her works also depict how war traumas, if not resolved, can go from one generation to the next.

Marianne Bratteli exhibition Heart Beat
Marianne Bratteli exhibition Heart Beat

Art as a means of living my life

People keep asking me how to buy my works… (go to website)

But to be honest; I’m not so interested in art as a means of making a living, I like my day job. What interests me more is art as a means of living my life.

So let’s chill out, let’s find the summer vibes and enjoy the summer!

Summer Vibes Art by Rekkebo
Summer Vibes Art by Rekkebo

Ps. Think I will log off and have a much needed digital detox this summer – what about you?

Busy Days in May

May was a busy month. Spring is definitely here with all its beautiful flowers and gardening duties, not to mention pollen allergy. 

Spring flowers in May
Spring flowers in May

So what’s up

Besides working on some new smaller abstract works on paper, I had a blast creating a large abstract work on canvas this month. The only trouble was I had an allergic reaction to the glue I used for the collage parts, so next time I’ll be wearing a protection mask and work in my outside studio.

new abstract work on canvas (WIP) left to dry on the balcony
new abstract work on canvas (WIP) left to dry on the balcony


This year we had swedish-french family visiting for the 17th of May to celebrate Norwegian Constitution day. We had a super nice day watching the children’s parade in front of the Royal Castle.

May 17th 2023
May 17th 2023

We also visited the MUNCH museum. I especially enjoyed revisiting the abstract expressionism/ art informel exhibition The Shape of Freedom dancing in front of my favourite artist Franz Kline wearing my traditional bunad from Setesdal. 

Dancing with Franz Kline in my Setesdal bunad
Dancing with Franz Kline in my Setesdal bunad

A few days later we left for Malmø to visit the family’s young artist and check out the Annual Exhibition at Malmø Art Academy

Malmø Art Academy
Malmø Art Academy

Why Abstract Expressive

Somehow I have always found myself attracted to (semi) abstract and expressive art. I find vivid colours, bold lines, weird brushstrokes, twisted shapes and quirky faces a lot more interesting than hyper realistic paintings. 

I don’t aim to show the obvious, but what might be there if you take a moment to look inside yourself, shake your emotions and listen to your heart. The best part of exhibition openings is listening to what stories people tell each other while looking at my artworks over a glass of wine. Sometimes their stories lead to new paintings.

For some time now (4-5 years) I have been working systematically on abstractifying my art through extensive explorations in mark-making, layering and textures. While composition and contrasts are really important, I sometimes find that both colour and shape can be quite overwhelming, so lately I have felt the urge to limit myself hoping to reach a new level of insight.

lots of canvases going on in my studio
lots of canvases going on in my studio

So what’s up

This month I had a great deal of fun by opening some of my large rolls of paintings. To my surprise I had forgotten many of these paintings and I’m already looking forward to continuing the process this summer in my outside studio.

Of course I continued working on my abstract series on canvas and made a few smaller studies on paper. It seems that my abstract series is evolving and that some of the paintings are bridges over to another semi abstract series. I think I might go for an exhibition after all.

from my ongoing abstract series
from my ongoing abstract series


This month I’ve spent some time at the National Museum in Oslo. I especially like the modern art section (room 75-88) on the second floor. And to my surprise I also found loads of inspiration from Fashion Design and Royal Costumes (room 30-31) on the first floor. Unfortunately I missed the temporary exhibit with Carrol Dunham on the top floor. I will definitely go back several times. Check it out next time in Oslo!

Aiming for Authenticity

My abstract series on canvas keeps moving forward, slowly but steadily. I sometimes find it hard to grasp what the painting is about, but as soon as I understand the hidden message, the piece seems to come together pretty nicely. 

ongoing abstract series
ongoing abstract series

Along the way I’ve had different working titles for this long term project. I paint in search of authenticity, trying to find and develop my true voice and always remember my artistic vision. 

I paint what I cannot express in words. I paint to grasp the world around me by listening inwards. Sometimes that resonates with the viewer and sometimes not.

As usual I have lots of canvases going on in different stages and I’m starting to look forward to seeing the end of this project. I sometimes wonder how many canvases this project will end up with. But one canvas seems to inform the next one, so it feels like I’m still in the middle of discovering something new.

Some artists prefer working on one canvas at the time until it gets finished. My working process is different. I work on parallel projects. I like taking a break from one project by working on another. What I discover in one place often leads to new ways of seeing and working. I like that very much.

Group exhibition coming up

If you know me, you’ve probably seen some of my cat paintings. This month I decided to make some more and one of them will be exhibited in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada in June. 

Cats are wonderful
Cats are wonderful


Inspiration is paramount. This month I went to the MUNCH museum with a group of colourful friends who have not yet had the pleasure of visiting the new museum.  Afterwards we had a nice meal and some good conversations at one of the many restaurants in the Bjørvika area. Socialising with nice people is so rewarding.

I also recommend a visit to the Thorvald Hellesen exhibit Pioneering Cubism at the National Museum (NaM) Oslo

Reflections on working process

Some of you have asked me about my creative process and why I always seem to be working on many paintings at a time. 

In a previous day job, I coached my clients to do less, so that what they chose to do could grow bigger and create a more lasting impact – because diluted focus tends to get diluted results. But this is no good when it comes to my art practice. 

I like working on several parallel projects. In my studio I have a lot of canvases in several stages going on; because playful beginnings, the messy middle, clarifying stages and finishing touches all demand different kinds of focus. That way I can choose what to work on depending on how much time and energy I’ve got. 

lots of canvases going on in my studio
lots of canvases going on in my studio

Another aspect is that what’s going on in one painting often seems to inform the next and what I discover in one place might lead me towards resolving a painting that got stuck somewhere along the process. It’s a win-win situation.

This is absolutely not multitasking, I’m a huge fan of monotasking. I focus on one thing at a time and  try to show up in my studio before or after my shift. I like  spending most of my spare time painting. 

My overall goal is to have fun, trust the process and enjoy life!

Besides working my day job, and being knocked down by a virus this month, I’ve also created some new weird portraits. Since time (and body) was not on my side, I chose to do some small work – and to my surprise 3 of them went overseas to their new homes this month. What a joy!

8 small faces
8 small faces


This month I had the pleasure of visiting the new exhibition The Shape of Freedom opening at MUNCH museum in Oslo showcasing many of my favourite abstract expressionist artists like Kline, Pollock, Rothko, Frankenthaler, Krasner, Mitchell to mention a few. The experimental techniques these artists did at the time is well known to most art students today, but back then this was a revolution in painting.

Click here to check out the exhibition

I believe that your path shapes you. If you choose a different path, you will experience different things – both in the studio and in life.

choose your path carefully
choose your path carefully

The Year of the Cat

Happy Lunar Year, everyone! January 22nd kicks off the Year of the Rabbit, or the Year of the Cat 2023. 

In my part of the world winter is still on, but days gradually get longer, and nights shorter, until the summer solstice in June.

A Year of Hope and Good Luck

In Chinese culture the sign of the Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity, so 2023 is predicted to be a year of hope – and I do believe Hope is what the world needs right now!

The Vietnamese celebrate the Year of the Cat. According to Vietnamese tradition the Cat brings good luck and clears away bad spirits. The cat is considered to be a friend and symbolizes strength and power. 

Those who know me, know how much I love cats – so I’m very excited for the year to come!

Artists and their cats
Artists and their cats

A Year of Exploring Creativity and Arts

I’ve also read somewhere that creativity and appreciation for the arts thrives in Rabbit years. So you might feel like exploring museums, music festivals and performances. I know I do.

In Vietnamese culture cats are a symbol of kindness, perseverance, patience, thinking ahead before starting to do something. Cats are considered to be open-minded free spirits ready to explore. Sounds familiar! 

Hopes and Plans 

New year always brings new energy and I hope and plan for this year to bring more time for creativity and playful exploration in my studio. My studio is my Happy Place which brings me joy and happiness and fills me with energy.

With my full time job, planning is essential and I try to make time for my creative art practice every day. 

My plans for 2023 are a mix of short-term goals I want to complete in the near future and long-term goals that will take months and years to finish. 

This year I will focus on 30 day projects, one project for each month. As a former project manager I have naturally made a list of challenges and possible outcomes. 

My plans contain both unexplored territory, projects in the messy middle and a few projects nearly finished. All in all, lots of fun and problem solving.

Plans also include recreation time like reading, writing poems and spending time with family and friends. 

Plan B or C

Like Rabbits and Cats I always have a plan B, because the most certain thing in life is that nothing ever goes as planned. Change is inevitable and it often brings exciting opportunities. 

To me, planning for project progress is a critical means to meet deadlines, and time management gives me the opportunity to focus on what’s important now. 

The best thing about deadlines is that they herald new beginnings. I love starting up and exploring new projects.

My mantra is: I wonder what happens if I do this, or maybe that?

But now, if you’ll excuse me; I’ll get back to my stack of interesting books. It’s recreation time, or “time to compost” as my gardening husband puts it.

See y’all next month!

artists and their cats
artists and their cats

Thank you – Happy Holidays!

Thank you for showing interest in my art! Thanks for your kind support, for sharing likes and comments and for buing my artworks! It has been quite a year, and I think I have the best people cheering for me! Thank you – Happy Holidays!

Being an artist means a lot: As long as I have my studio I always have something to look forward to. And all your positive energy keeps my creativity grow! Lucky me!

Thank you for your support and positive energy! Spread love!

Nice people from all around the world

I feel so lucky to be able to do this, so lucky to have family and friends cheering for me. And I feel so lucky to meet so many nice people from all over the world, some in real life, some over the internet. 

I honestly don’t know who I’d be without my art practice!

What a year!

What a year this has been, with so many nice surprises! I don’t know how to recap this in a few sentences, but I’ll give it a try.

The first two months of the year I was really stepping it up and launched my newsletter and I had scheduled loads of interesting projects. But plans changed as a long desired opportunity knocked on my door – and I took on a new day job which I really love!

Working full time also means new priorities regarding my art practice. For instance turning down 4 invitations to exhibit my work this year.

Top 5 portrait of Paul
Top 5: portrait of Paul

Top Five 

Wow! I was totally blown away when I learned that my painting was the curator’s choice and made TOP 5 among almost 1000 artworks in this year’s international TAE exhibition in York, UK taking place in June.

I was so honoured that my abstracted portrait was highlighted in the catalogue. The model, who is an artist himself, was thrilled as he received the good news.

Makes me really happy to know that this special artwork now belongs to a dedicated collector in sunny California, USA.

Want to buy my artworks, please sign up for my newsletter!

When life gives you lemons

They say: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Well, my planned summer holidays went down the drain this year due to Corona. I had no other choice but to surrender as I couldn’t beat that stubborn Covid-monster inside my body. 

So no large painting outside in my planned forest studio this summer. But other nice things happened!

One of my mural portraits at MUNCH museum summer of ’22

Making murals at MUNCH museum 

I had never thought I would be able to show my work at the new MUNCH museum, but this summer opportunity knocked again – and I made 2 large mural portraits on the 11th floor. I loved coworking with kids visiting the museum! The exhibition is now closed and the murals on the walls are painted over. 

New Batch of Artwork

In November I finally finished my new batch of abstract paintings and put them out for sale exclusively for those who follow my newsletter. To tell the truth, it is always a bit scary to show new artworks – what if no one likes them but me?

The first one sold almost immediately and I’ve received lots and lots of nice comments and interesting suggestions on how to go further! That’s so exciting!

I absolutely have the BEST PEOPLE cheering for me! What a year!

Thank you & Happy Holidays! Hope to see you again next year!

Happy Holidays!

Followers First in Line

I’ve had so much fun in my studio over the past months! Finally the day has come: Proudly presenting some of my latest artworks. Hope you like them!

Followers first in line

The online exhibition | webshop is now open exclusively for those who follow my newsletter. 

My new work will not be shown i detail anywhere on social media. So feel free to sign up for my newsletter and be among the first to get sneak peeks from behind the scenes and special offers from my art studio. 

Follow my newsletter and be first in line!

Handmade artworks – one of a kind

My artworks are all original and individual artworks, handmade and one of a kind. There are no prints for sale. 

All artworks are sold unframed and unmatted, so you can choose your favourite framing and matting to match your personal style.

Affordable prices

If you follow my newsletter you will get access to my new batch of artworks. You might have a look around to see if you find something you like at affordable prices. 

I try my best to keep the prices low so you can buy the artworks you love to make your home shine even more.

I’m so proud and happy to have collectors around the world. Hope you find something you love, and maybe a little something for your family and friends, too!

Choose your favourite framing for your beautiful home

Available artworks in different sizes

So many of you have asked: How do we get to buy your artworks? Well, here is your chance. Click on the links below and you will find the available art works.

All artworks are made on acid free art paper, watercolor paper or canvas textured paper. All artworks are sold un-matted, not framed so you are free to choose what will look the best in your beautiful home.

The links below will be accessible for followers of my newsletter only:

Small works

Medium size works

Large works

Shop til you drop

So feel free to have a look around and it’s okay to shop till you drop! I look forward to shipping art to happy collectors all over the world!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Photo by Lore Schodts
Photo by Lore Schodts

How to buy my artworks

So many of my followers have asked: How do we get to buy your artworks? 

Initially I was planning for an open studio, or a pop up exhibition, this month. I wanted to share some secrets from my studio, meet nice people, chat about life and art, and give you the opportunity to grab yourself a studio sale bargain. But as some of you might know, being a working girl means I had to downscale things. So I changed my mind due to a shortage of time and energy. 

Stack of paintings
Stack of paintings

Coming Soon

Instead you will “meet the artist” here at my blog this month. But please be patient, if everything goes my way you’ll get the opportunity to visit my open studio to see all the pieces available in real life next spring. And you’ll also find certain pieces available at ‘studio sale’ price – from small works on paper to larger canvas pieces, and everything in between. That will be so much fun!

But for now: Please be patient! Shopping will be available soon!

Work in Progress 

At the moment I have several series in progress. The past year and a half I have narrowed my work down to abstraction, because I really want to refine my expression and focus on the untold.

In order to simplify and abstract my work further I’ve started working with a set of limitations because it gives me freedom to experiment within the set frames. I also try to avoid overthinking what I’m up to as I like the freshness and raw expression I get when working fast and spontaneously. 

I have worked in all kinds of sizes and on different substrates to find what I like. The process has been so rewarding and I feel confident I’m on the right track!

Stay tuned for more news!

Work in progress
Work in progress

Little time for making art

My life is pretty busy, but I still need to be creative. Every day I do something creative – ‘cause if I don’t, I feel miserable and lose my energy. To me practicing art is important to stay healthy and happy. Making art makes me feel alive!

I love my day job, but OMG! working almost full time leaves me with so little time to make art! I’m twisting my hands, shaking my brain cells hoping they will come up with a fab solution, but so far nothing revolutionary really happened. So I try to deal with the situation as best as I can.

Find your own way 

Most artists I know feel short of time, even the ones with no day jobs. The more time you spend working on your art projects, the more you wanna create – ideas come easy when you’re having fun! 

Every artist has their own way of coping with “too little time to make art” so try to find your own way! 

going to art exhibitions is inspiring. Hilma af Klint is a favourite


Right now I’m downscaling wherever possible; social media, planned exhibits, projects, ideas, time consuming techniques and size of paintings. I limit everything down to: What’s most important now!

I’m challenging myself to say yes to the right things. Which means I turned down 4 invitations to exhibit my work this year!

And I haven’t regretted it for a second!

Remove distractions

How to get shit done as often as you want? Remove distractions. Make time to do what is important now. Plan. Make commitments to yourself. Show up! Do the work! 

One creative hour spent every day adds a lot to your portfolio in a year. You might want to set a creative morning/ afternoon/ evening time to work on a fun project for 30 days to get things started. Join an art group or an art challenge like #30dayartproject Just do it!

Depending on how much time I’ve got, I might pick something from the list below: 

  1. Doodle 
  2. Work small
  3. Create one page every day in my art journal
    1. Paint with only one colour a day (on several paintings)
  4. Make the same pattern in different sizes/colours on several paintings
  5. Organize my flat files … (works on paper need safe storage)
  6. Look through art books while having breakfast/ before going to bed
  7. Mix the perfect colour to get on with a WIP (work in progress)
  8. Make quick sketches
  9. Play with ideas
  10. Make collage
  11. Design my own patterns
  12. Make my own collage material
  13. Try something new
  14. Paint edges of finished canvases
  15. Look at my unfinished paintings from new angles, or in the mirror
  16. Read about art
  17. Listen to art podcasts
  18. Watch and learn from MoMa or Louisiana (classes)
  19. Scroll some of my art groups to see what my colleagues are doing
  20. Daydream about my next art project
  21. Clean or tidy up a part of my messy studio
  22. Re-arrange part of my studio
  23. Order supplies
  24. Write poems
  25. Go for a walk and study the world around me
  26. Meditate upon an unsolved painting
  27. Make plans for my next exhibition (whenever that will be)
  28. Collect ideas for blog texts
  29. Write blog texts
  30. Put my work out on social media
  31. Join an art challenge
  32. Journal about my own art
  33. Photograph or scan some of my work
  34. Brush up my website (research other artists websites/blogs)
  35. Research galleries and/or art fairs to sell my work
  36. Enjoy my studio, invite friends over for a workshop
  37. Visit museums and galleries 
  38. Hang out with other creative people
  39. Have fun!

Time is a friend

But most of the time I pet my cat and water my plants… 

Time isn’t short, time is forever, it has always been there and it will continue. Time is not an enemy. Time is a friend. It is universal and eternal. If you spend your time well, you will feel good! So pet your cat or do whatever makes you happy! 

Gotta go, Mr Cat is calling for me…

Mr Cat is the best
Mr Cat is the best

Dream Big

Dreams are like stars. You may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny. It might take a while, depending on how much time and effort you put into your journey. It’s all about dedication and how much you want it. So make sure you follow the right dream!

Some of you may already know that I decided to take a u-turn earlier this year. I went from being a full time artist, to taking on a new almost full-time day job. And I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Yey, I finally did the right thing after a long period of reflecting, making lists of pros and cons, dreaming, wondering what would happen if…

Working is fun
Working is fun

Be realistic 

Dreaming big is sometimes easier said than done! Bucket lists, priority schemes, to-do-lists, mind maps, milestones, goal mapping, project management, WBS (work breakdown structure) and goal hierarchy are useful instruments to make sure you’re on the right track towards Your Dream. 

Look for smart tools that help you in your process. There are loads of them out there. Or make your own. The trick is to have an overview, to watch your progress along the way. 

The tricky part is to find your true dreams. And realize that they might change over time. Remember: Your dream is yours. No one else can take that away from you but yourself. So be aware of your inner critics, those insisting voices that want you to curl up in front of the telly or spend the evening scrolling on your smartphone.

Show up and focus

Whatever your dream is, make appointments with yourself, show up and do the work you have decided to do. Small steps every day is my way of working, it might not be yours. Try different things, do what you like. 

Make sure to have some fun along the way! 

Remember to check in if you are focusing on what’s most important right now. If not, adjust your plan. But do not, I repeat; DO NOT spend all your time planning! Spend your energy on DOING whatever is necessary to get where you want. 


Make sure to celebrate whenever there’s a reason to celebrate!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a celebration to prepare: I’ve invited my husband to join me for a tiny drink in my messy studio! See ya later!


Summer of 22

Normally I think of July as one of the best months in the year with its summer holidays and slow living with family and friends. I for sure had been looking so much forward to hot summer days, lazy breakfasts with my cat, wonderful lunchbaskets and swimming in the nearby lake, hiking, bicycling, roaming the woods with my husband and spending warm evenings in my hammock reading interesting books after nice dinners with a glass of greek Retsina.

Sweet summer days
Sweet summer days

Forrest studio

This month I had made plans for bringing my large new paintings outside in the local woods in order to contemplate and try to bring in the energy from the old trees before the final stages in my pop-up forest studio. Also I was planning to bring my sketchbooks and some tools when revisiting some of my favourite secret places far far away. And I was supposed to prepare for an upcoming exhibition.


When life gives you lemons

Well, let’s say things turned out differently as Corona hit the house pretty bad. I hardly remember anything from the first 5 days of high fever and only bits and pieces from the next few weeks. All my energy was gone, my brain was more or less shut down and I slept 14-16 hours a day.

As you might have guessed, all my plans went down the drain. No painting, no recharging, no fun, no nothing. My husband and I could barely let the cat out.

They say: When life gives you a sour situation, make something good out of it, sweeten it up! This time I had no other choice but to surrender. I couldn’t beat that stubborn Covid-monster inside my body. 

So, let’s hope August will be better! Stay tuned!

when life gives you lemons, make lemodande!

Top 5

Some days are better than others! I’m so honoured! Thank you curator Cat Salter-Smith for choosing my painting “Portrait of Paul” as one of your Top 5 favourite paintings among the almost 1000 artworks in this year’s international TAE exhibition in York, UK.

Gala opening event in the Hiscox building on the Saturday 25th june. What a wonderful surprise! Online sale from june 29.

Portrait of Paul

Curators choice

This is what the curator said: 

“Yes, it’s a portrait of a person called Paul, but this artwork is so much more than that! Absolutely love the use of colour and pattern which has turned this ‘portrait’ into a fabulous abstract piece. Would be great to meet Paul one day! He really looks like a fun guy!”

The model, Paul, who is an artist himself was thrilled as he received the good news. 

Makes me really happy to know that this special artwork now belongs to a dedicated collector in sunny California, USA. 

Aiming for 10 years straight

This is my 6th year of participating in TAE and I plan to keep it up for at least 4 more! Two years ago my entry made the front page among several others and this year my entry gets highlighted as one of the Top 5. So much fun!

Read more about the exhibit here: 

When Life Makes a U-turn

Making big life decisions doesn’t necessarily come easy. Every new year I make time to reflect about the previous year: Did things turn out as expected, or do I need to change my priorities?

In today’s blog I will reflect upon making a U-turn, in order to turn my life around to align with my changing hopes and desires, with what I want from life and how I want to live from day to day. 

I’m the captain

As a former project manager I’m quite experienced in planning, evaluating and taking corrective actions in order to get where I want. The knowledge that you’re on the right path gives you energy to deal with rough days and short nights. I’m the captain, I know where to go, but sometimes you sail into troubled waters.

Most of us had our lives slightly changed during the pandemic. Also mine. Everything I had planned for was put on hold or canceled due to global and local restrictions. 

Weeks and months passed by, my energy level dropped, my dreams changed and I realized I was on the wrong track.

Taking online art classes is fun and inspiring, you “meet” a lot of nice people, but at the end of the day, you are all alone in your studio. Your life and your wellbeing is your responsibility. No one will come knocking on your door to rescue you. It all comes down to: You have to deal with your own shit!

So what to do?

sailing against new horizons
sailing against new horizons

Setting a new course

Taking corrective action in life is a bold move that requires courage and conviction.

Artists are often sensitive to the world around us, often with great empathy for other people. But sometimes we lack empathy for ourselves, or we might be too busy looking outwards. During the pandemic most of us had time to reflect. 

What’s important now? 

How do I want my life to be when the pandemic is over? 

Realizing you’ve come to a crossroads in your life might be hard to accept, but trust your intuition – pay attention to your dreams and your happy thoughts. 

Opportunity knocks

I’m not very skilled in sailing, but I do know how to plot a new course on a chart: So here I am happier than ever in my new almost full-time dayjob! Will have to adjust plans for my artist life though…

Creative Ebb and Flow

I read somewhere that being an artist is like having a permanent midlife crisis. Many artists experience that creativity is constantly fluctuating between ebb and flow. But don’t worry, the creative ocean is enormous!

Time to compost

Right now my creative energy is low due to other obligations (studies and preparing for upcoming exams). 

Also I need time to reflect on what’s important now and what will be my next move. Or as my farmer husband puts it: Honey, you need time to compost. I think that’s a good way to see things: I need to compost. Time to be still, time to collect energy before I start growing. Hopefully this period of composting will help bring my work to the next level. 

At school teachers kept talking about the spiral of creativity, meaning that students re-learn things on deeper levels. 

abstracted message from within (detail)
abstracted message from within (detail)

Puzzles from the subconscious

Lately I’ve been working on a series of paintings that really puzzles me. When working intuitively I open up to receiving messages from the subconscious. It’s actually quite exciting not knowing what the painting is trying to express. 

Working intuitively can of course be both frustrating and time consuming as the process stops when I’m unable to decipher the message, when I can’t find the story. 

Some days I spend more time looking at a painting than actually painting.


Working alone in my studio I sometimes miss feedback. 

Of course I don’t expect family and friends to understand and give constructive feedback. Just like I don’t know shit about their job, they don’t know shit about my art! They’re just trying to be nice by telling me what they like and dislike. 

But what resonates with you or my uncle doesn’t necessarily give me the answers I’m searching for, because our preferences are like a compass and we all have different trails to walk.

My best feedback comes from within. And if I’m really stuck I ask an artist colleague.

New beginnings

Some of you might know that my life is about to change and that I will fulfill a longtime dream by starting a new day job soon. But first I have a few exams to pass. 

But right now it’s time to compost and spend some long overdue time with my family. Hope to go hiking with my best friend before the birch pollen season kicks in.

Livin La Vida Loca

Being an artist today is a busy life. There’s not much time for Livin La Vida Loca. There are bills to pay, applications to write and pictures to paint. Marketing is another field. Sometimes it’s hard to keep focus. Luckily I’m a quite experienced project manager and motivator.

Livin La Vida Loca
Livin La Vida Loca

What does an artist do all day?

You probably think that: Making art is the most important thing that artists do. But there is more to it than painting. 

  • Daily tasks like mixing paints, preparing panels for painting, sealing them, cleaning brushes. 
  • Weekly chores like paying bills, ordering new material, shipping out fresh work, organizing and cleaning the studio.
  • Administrative duties like scheduling appointments, answering email and press queries, communicating with gallerists, dealers, and collectors.
  • Marketing responsibilities like photographing new pieces, managing social media, writing newsletters and blogs. Uploading new work and maintaining the webshop. 

When in the studio I try to structure my day to create periods of flow. Multitasking is not my cup of tea. Time management and focus is my secret weapon, because my energy goes to whatever I’m focused on. 

You don’t always get what you wish for. You get what you work for.

I coach myself the same way I coach others and make sure to keep track of my projects in order to get where I want.

Mixing wet paint
Mixing wet paint

Real Artist or not?

I believe anyone can become an artist if you really want to. But the work of great artists resonates with the audience and makes you feel something. True artists love what they do and make art to communicate something. 

My work is about how the mysteries in life unfold in different ways. I paint from my heart to explore and express what cannot be said in words. 

They say it takes about 10 000 hours of practice to master a discipline. Some art teachers claim all artists will make about 1000 ugly paintings in their career. I think I’ve done my fair share by now.

Studio time is Happy Time

I love going into my studio. Studio time is a happy time, even if the creative process sometimes gives rise to frustration. There are lots of decisions to be made every single day. So when in doubt I take a break, I take a walk or I dance. My experience is that moving my body helps boost creativity.

A day in my studio involves playful experimenting. Risk taking is vital and daring to fail is part of the learning curve. “What happens if I try…” is one of my mantras in the studio. I follow my curiosity and am willing to be different. 

Exploring oil pastels on acrylic paint
Exploring oil pastels on acrylic paint

Long hours in the Zone 

When I’m focused I normally work long hours. When being in the zone, or in flow, in creative mode I have a tendency to forget eating and drinking, so my husband cooks and when he’s at work he kindly reminds me. 

I’m not very fond of taking breaks. I prefer working till I’m finished and then call in the day to socialize with my family. Before going to bed I make sure to get some most needed unstructured time to reflect, or compost if you like. Without composting time my mind goes crazy, and I end up spending most of the night more or less awake figuring out new things to explore in my art practice. 

As an artist I am well aware that I need to take care of my most important tool: My Body. Therefore I make sure to get my beauty sleep to increase health and well-being and to enhance cognitive ability and get those creative juices flowing.

My Studio Assistant

Every artist needs a muse. My studio assistant is the best! He has neither experience or a degree in fine arts. But he supports me in his very own special ways, and our life drawing sessions are wonderful. He loves modeling.

I would never ever swap him for another studio assistant.

Read more about him here

Love my studio assistant
Love my studio assistant

Time to Reflect

Time to reflect is an important part of the creative process. Some days I spend more time looking at my paintings than painting. Why is that so? Artists have different creative processes: Some enter the studio with a clear idea in mind, start a new canvas and paint the picture. Just like that. 

My creative process is more like this: I start with an idea, and then the painting becomes something else. I love the playful initial stages of the painting process where I explore happy accidents. For me the hardest part is taking a painting through the messy middle to the clarifying stage and finishing it. 

No wonder I need time to reflect, or compost if you like. That’s why I have several paintings going on in my studio. So when one painting stops, I can continue working on another. I normally have loads of work in progress in my studio, but all of a sudden there are piles of finished paintings, too. 

Writing about Art

Writing helps me reflect and clarify things. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I’ve been blogging about various topics for about 20 years. 

7 years ago I started this art blog hoping to share some inside views from living the vida loca as an artist. Initially the art blog was meant for a smaller audience of family and friends, but I soon realized I have views and followers from all over the world. And that’s a boost! 

Social Media

Putting your work out there is part of the game. If no one sees what I create, and no one wants to buy my art, I really need to win the lottery. 

Sometimes Social Media gives me new opportunities, so please share my work!

Relaxing with my Family
Relaxing with my Family

Join my Newsletter

With the energy from The Year of the Tiger I decided to step up the game: So this month I welcome you to join my brand new Newsletter. 

I’m a lifelong learner. I love a challenge, so this year I will find the courage to step outside my comfort zone, to climb out on a limb and reach for my next level of growth as an artist. I want to go all in!

Why newsletter?

I offer you the chance to be the first to get news and special offers from my studio. News about upcoming exhibitions, opening nights, artist talks, workshops, open studios, giveaways and new art for sale. 

By signing up for my newsletter you will get special discounts and get to grab brand new artworks before they enter my webshop.

How often?

I plan to send monthly newsletters, unless something very exciting and extremely urgent matters pops up on the horizon.

How to Sign Up

I will be sending my newsletter directly to your email inbox. If you cannot find your welcome email, please check your spam mail. Make sure to move my newsletter to your inbox and add me to your contact list.

Click on this link to sign up for my newsletter.

Enjoy the ride! 

My Studio is My Happy Place

There is a “Happy Place” for each of us. It’s a safe haven for happiness, a place that allows us to breathe deeply and find peace no matter what is happening in our lives. Some prefer their happy place to be a low-stimulation environment, where quiet stillness offers a feeling of being at peace that can last for a long time. 

While knitting might be your happy place, My Happy Place is different.

My Studio is My Happy Place
My Studio is My Happy Place

My studio is my happy place! 

Lots of people find their happy place in nature, or with animals. Studies show that spending just 20 minutes in nature boosts vitality levels significantly. 

I’m the sort of person that needs to spend quiet time in solitude to refuel myself. Studio time gives me the chance to unwind and get away from the hamster wheel and the madness going on in the world. 

My Happy Place brings me joy and happiness and fills me with energy. My studio is a wonderful space where I can “travel” to fabulous places, “meet” interesting people with fascinating stories and interact with my passion to let dreams and fantasies come true on the canvas.

Also I get to spend time with my adorable studio assistant Mr Cat. You can read more about him here.

My happy place has lots of positive impacts on me: In my studio I find courage to step outside my comfort zone, climb out on a limb, and reach for my next level of growth. My studio is the place where I can escape and feel happy, feel at peace with no interruptions of any sort – until night time when I wine and dine with my family.

Magic Mr Art Cat
Magic Mr Art Cat

Unique Life Experiences

Living a creative life is food for my soul. I believe painting heals, lifts me up, fills me with positive energy and hope! Studio time normally boosts my vitality levels and brings out the best in me. When I’m in creative mode no one can judge or harm me, except my inner critic. There are lots of decisions to make during the process.

Painting resembles life with its many layers of experiences. Some of them you want to paint over, while others really shine. There are happy days and not so exciting ones. The push and pull of living and painting, make the whole story of both you and me and every single painting, unique.

Therefore I believe that every artwork will reveal its own secrets to the right viewer. For me buying art is a soulful decision – and you instinctively know when to buy a painting!

I’m currently working on two parallel projects for my upcoming solo shows. These days I’m also considering whether to participate in a few group shows. So happy the pandemic is coming to an end!

Check out my paintings!