Thanks for the ride

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR! to family, friends and followers from all over the world! Let’s hope for peace and prosperity and that our leaders will make wise decisions to cool down climate change. 

Happy New Year
Happy New Year!

Small recap from my studio

As we tiptoe into 2024 please allow me to share a few things with my fab followers:

This was quite an exciting year in the studio. Being an artist means taking risks in the studio. My mantra is: I wonder what happens if I do this, or maybe that?

Taking risks and going out of my comfort zone sometimes feels challenging, but I want to grow my artistic tools, so therefore I’ve put the fear of failure aside to experiment and learn. I now know a lot more about what to do and what not to do. Yep! I’ve made a lot of crazy mistakes along the road, but hopefully my share of ugly paintings is coming to an end soon.

This year I chose not to show so much of my working process on Instagram and Facebook, but I’ve been blogging every month and sending out newsletters. 

This summer I participated in a group exhibit in Canada and my painting was sold. 

Catzy Cat on show in Vancouver Canada
Catzy Cat on show in Vancouver Canada

Before x-mas I had the pleasure of sharing some of my brand new artworks with you and I’m very pleased that some of them sold! 

x-mas art drop
x-mas art drop

Like last year I decided to skip local exhibitions, and at the moment I’m considering whether or not to do a pop-up exhibit next year. 

One of my goals for this year was exploring creativity and seeking inspiration in the arts, so I visited many exhibitions, read loads of weird books, listened to new music and danced in my studio – while my cat was staring at me wondering what on earth was going on…

Filled with gratitude

Reflecting on the year gone by I am filled with gratitude for the support and enthusiasm so many of you have brought to my art practice. 

Being an artist means a lot. As long as I have my studio and my art practice I always have something to look forward to. Thank you for showing interest in my art, for all your nice comments and for buying my artworks. I think I have the best people cheering for me!

I feel so lucky to be able to live a creative life, so lucky to have family and friends cheering for me, and so lucky to meet so many nice people from all over the world, some in real life, some over the internet. 

I honestly don’t know who I’d be without my art practice…

Life is what happens

Most of my planned painting holidays didn’t go as planned this year due to different unplanned circumstances, but what the heck;

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans…

Winter is a season of recovery and preparation, but also for planning. I don’t know about you, but I sure miss the light and can’t wait for the days to start getting longer.

My studio feels a bit crowded these days as I have many paintings in different stages just waiting for daylight and more painting time… 

Thanks for the ride & Happy New Year!

Let’s keep in touch…

Happy Creative Year
Happy Creative Year

Xmas Art Drop 2023

Finally I have the pleasure of sharing some of my brand new artworks with you. How about that! The online exhibition / studio shop is now open exclusively for those who follow my newsletter. This private early access is available for five days only.

  • My series are all original and individual artworks.
  • My artworks are handmade and one of a kind. 
  • There are no prints for sale.
  • Affordable prices

What’s up: New collection

Proudly presenting brand new artworks for you to enjoy and purchase directly from my website. Check it out! 

New series: Magic Moments in Nature

Magic Moments in Nature

Like most Norwegians I love nature. Hiking in the nearby hills with my grandmother is among my strongest childhood memories. Daily rituals of roaming the woods, watching animal wildlife and exploring the fjord grounded me with Mother Earth and made me realize the importance of respectfully taking care of Nature. They say childhood shapes your future. 

Hiking and exploring together with nice people give new perspectives, positive energy and good memories, therefore I try to block out holes in my calendar to spend time in nature on a regular basis. Because spending time in Mother Nature can help relieve stress and anxiety; boost our immune system, creativity, and focus; and teach us to live more in the present.

Photoshoot in scarce winter light

Inspired from Mother Nature 

The paintings have several layers as do Mother Nature. Some layers are hidden while others stand out more clearly. Each trip gives rise to different shapes and brush strokes. Color schemes are inspired from both people and places. 

When in my studio I work from my heart and memory, not from photographs. Thus each painting captures unique emotional impressions and is a representation of what happened at a special moment in time and space. I aim to explore and filter reality through the prism of my individual perception by reinterpreting natural surroundings. 

Sizzling with energy

Guided by intuition I try to transform or «translate» my experience into patterns, shapes and color arrangements. Some of them are more recognizable than others. My intention is to make the paintings sizzle with energy, just like I felt during that special moment in time.

Hopefully the paintings touch on the complexity of being a tiny person walking around  in a big world and the wonderful feeling of belonging, of inner peace and calmness. 

Hope they bring out some Magical Moments in your life too! See them here

Looks quite good when matted

Inspiration for you

Every month I search for inspiration. This month I hope to inspire you! I paint what I cannot express in words. I paint to grasp the world around me by listening inwards. I paint in search of authenticity, trying to find and develop my true voice and always remember my artistic vision. Sometimes that resonates with the viewer and sometimes not. 

I believe every artwork will reveal its secrets to the right viewer and therefore you instinctively know when to buy a painting or not; because it speaks directly to you.  

Hope you find something you like! Go to shop

I love spending time with trees

The original paintings are hand painted, one of a kind and signed on the backside. Please remember that the paintings are sold unframed and unmatted so that you are free to choose what suits your personal taste and match your beautiful home best. 

In case you wonder; my prices will never ever be less expensive than today. The only way they will go is up, so grab the chance today!

Check them out! Go to shop

Measurments must be right

Prepping for Art Drop

It is nearly time for my art drop. This time I will release a series of new works on paper in various sizes at affordable prices. All subscribers of my newsletter will get access to my new artworks before everyone else.

But first, I have some decisions to make and some work to do.

Treasure hunting in my studio

The privilege of choosing 

People and artists are different, there are various ways of carrying out one’s art practice. Some of you know that I always work on parallel projects, both short term and long term projects. 

Lately I’ve been telling you about my multitude of half finished, or just started, works on paper and a pile of canvases in a seemingly never ending process. I cannot do it any other way. But that means I have to ponder a little when it comes to my upcoming art drop.

So, what to choose? Think I’ll have to get some help from my assistant Mr Cat.

Seeking advice from my art assistant Mr Cat

Finishing touches

After the privilege of choosing which paintings to include in this upcoming art drop, I need to get the paintings ready for their new homes. Some might need a finishing touch of colour, while others need to have their edges painted. 

I prefer to sign my abstract paintings on the backside. But if a buyer prefers to see my signature on the front that is also an option – just remember to give me a hint before I ship your artwork. 

Painting the edges

Photographing and presenting art

Way back I used to work as a freelance photographer, so I know a few things about photographing art. I have also worked professionally with web publishing and managing social media, so I prefer to do all the work myself, even if it’s a bit time consuming.

Sometimes I wonder if I should learn how to make frames… 

Framing or not framing, that’s the question…

Artistic text work

I truly believe that every artwork will reveal its hidden message to the right viewer. I also believe that buying art is a soulful decision in the sense that you will instinctively know when to buy a painting – because it “speaks” to you. 

They say pictures contain more than a thousand words, but I think that sometimes titles and an introductory text about the art might add some more insight to what messages the artist is trying to get across. 

When exhibiting my work in galleries I normally give a brief artist talk, or introduction to my work and when launching a new series on my website I like to do the same.

When working on a series, I always reflect on my process, take notes and think about ideas that come up during studio time. Reflection time is crucial and some days I spend more time looking at my paintings than painting. I reflect on titles, I ponder about why I want to express a specific theme and how to make that “visible” in an abstract way. 

The trick is to talk, or write, about my art series in ways that give the viewer a more fully understanding of my theme – or even better; how do I explain my thoughts and ideas in ways that makes the viewer curious?

I like writing and reading about art. Hope you get some nice ideas too! 

Home is where the art is…

How to grab one

It is soon time to launch my upcoming art drop. All subscribers of my newsletter will get access to my new artworks before everyone else. Here is what you can do:

Sign up for my mailing list /newsletter to be first in line to grab one!

Sign up for my mailing list to get early access to my new work

Summer Vibes and Group Exhibit i Canada

This month I’ve been busy painting (and selling) big cats, testing how to make digital art and giving my studio a much needed spring cleaning. I’ve also enjoyed the company of the younger generation in my studio, been to exhibitions and movies besides finding the slow vibes for a much needed summer vacation. 

Painting inspired by Her Highness Miss Selma
Painting inspired by Her Highness Miss Selma

Studio time as self-care

Most of us live busy lives. There are full time jobs, bills to pay, cooking and cleaning, friends and family to take care of, smartphones, concerts, football games and television. At my age I also need a good night’s sleep. 

For me, making time to create is an important part of self-care. Studio time is sacred and my way of healing and dealing with the world. So I show up and create. That means getting into the studio no matter what is going on in life. 

The most wonderful days in my studio give rise to joyous series of explorations that lead to personal understanding and more interesting artworks. 

Group exhibit in Canada

24.-25. June one of my cat paintings is exhibited in the beautiful city of Vancouver in Canada. Click here to check it out!

Catzy Cat on show in Vancouver Canada
Catzy Cat on show in Vancouver Canada


This month I’ve visited and revisited the Marianne Bratteli exhibition Beating Heart at the MUNCH museum in Oslo. To my surprise this is Marianne Bratteli’s first comprehensive museum exhibition. I find her works powerful and interesting. Despite the colorful and playful expression, her works also depict how war traumas, if not resolved, can go from one generation to the next.

Marianne Bratteli exhibition Heart Beat
Marianne Bratteli exhibition Heart Beat

Art as a means of living my life

People keep asking me how to buy my works… (go to website)

But to be honest; I’m not so interested in art as a means of making a living, I like my day job. What interests me more is art as a means of living my life.

So let’s chill out, let’s find the summer vibes and enjoy the summer!

Summer Vibes Art by Rekkebo
Summer Vibes Art by Rekkebo

Ps. Think I will log off and have a much needed digital detox this summer – what about you?

Aiming for Authenticity

My abstract series on canvas keeps moving forward, slowly but steadily. I sometimes find it hard to grasp what the painting is about, but as soon as I understand the hidden message, the piece seems to come together pretty nicely. 

ongoing abstract series
ongoing abstract series

Along the way I’ve had different working titles for this long term project. I paint in search of authenticity, trying to find and develop my true voice and always remember my artistic vision. 

I paint what I cannot express in words. I paint to grasp the world around me by listening inwards. Sometimes that resonates with the viewer and sometimes not.

As usual I have lots of canvases going on in different stages and I’m starting to look forward to seeing the end of this project. I sometimes wonder how many canvases this project will end up with. But one canvas seems to inform the next one, so it feels like I’m still in the middle of discovering something new.

Some artists prefer working on one canvas at the time until it gets finished. My working process is different. I work on parallel projects. I like taking a break from one project by working on another. What I discover in one place often leads to new ways of seeing and working. I like that very much.

Group exhibition coming up

If you know me, you’ve probably seen some of my cat paintings. This month I decided to make some more and one of them will be exhibited in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada in June. 

Cats are wonderful
Cats are wonderful


Inspiration is paramount. This month I went to the MUNCH museum with a group of colourful friends who have not yet had the pleasure of visiting the new museum.  Afterwards we had a nice meal and some good conversations at one of the many restaurants in the Bjørvika area. Socialising with nice people is so rewarding.

I also recommend a visit to the Thorvald Hellesen exhibit Pioneering Cubism at the National Museum (NaM) Oslo

Followers First in Line

I’ve had so much fun in my studio over the past months! Finally the day has come: Proudly presenting some of my latest artworks. Hope you like them!

Followers first in line

The online exhibition | webshop is now open exclusively for those who follow my newsletter. 

My new work will not be shown i detail anywhere on social media. So feel free to sign up for my newsletter and be among the first to get sneak peeks from behind the scenes and special offers from my art studio. 

Follow my newsletter and be first in line!

Handmade artworks – one of a kind

My artworks are all original and individual artworks, handmade and one of a kind. There are no prints for sale. 

All artworks are sold unframed and unmatted, so you can choose your favourite framing and matting to match your personal style.

Affordable prices

If you follow my newsletter you will get access to my new batch of artworks. You might have a look around to see if you find something you like at affordable prices. 

I try my best to keep the prices low so you can buy the artworks you love to make your home shine even more.

I’m so proud and happy to have collectors around the world. Hope you find something you love, and maybe a little something for your family and friends, too!

Choose your favourite framing for your beautiful home

Available artworks in different sizes

So many of you have asked: How do we get to buy your artworks? Well, here is your chance. Click on the links below and you will find the available art works.

All artworks are made on acid free art paper, watercolor paper or canvas textured paper. All artworks are sold un-matted, not framed so you are free to choose what will look the best in your beautiful home.

The links below will be accessible for followers of my newsletter only:

Small works

Medium size works

Large works

Shop til you drop

So feel free to have a look around and it’s okay to shop till you drop! I look forward to shipping art to happy collectors all over the world!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Photo by Lore Schodts
Photo by Lore Schodts

Top 5

Some days are better than others! I’m so honoured! Thank you curator Cat Salter-Smith for choosing my painting “Portrait of Paul” as one of your Top 5 favourite paintings among the almost 1000 artworks in this year’s international TAE exhibition in York, UK.

Gala opening event in the Hiscox building on the Saturday 25th june. What a wonderful surprise! Online sale from june 29.

Portrait of Paul

Curators choice

This is what the curator said: 

“Yes, it’s a portrait of a person called Paul, but this artwork is so much more than that! Absolutely love the use of colour and pattern which has turned this ‘portrait’ into a fabulous abstract piece. Would be great to meet Paul one day! He really looks like a fun guy!”

The model, Paul, who is an artist himself was thrilled as he received the good news. 

Makes me really happy to know that this special artwork now belongs to a dedicated collector in sunny California, USA. 

Aiming for 10 years straight

This is my 6th year of participating in TAE and I plan to keep it up for at least 4 more! Two years ago my entry made the front page among several others and this year my entry gets highlighted as one of the Top 5. So much fun!

Read more about the exhibit here: 

Twitter Art Exhibit – TAE20

Through art we can change the world! Twitter Art Exhibit (TAE20) utilizes social media and public engagement to generate income for charities and nonprofit organizations. 80% of the art sale goes directly to a different charity each year.

TAE20 is the 10th anniversary and I am proud to announce that this is the fourth year I take part in Twitter Art Exhibit by donating a mini piece of original art especially made for this global event. This year my entry made the front cover of the catalogue.

10th anniversary #TAE20

About TAE

Twitter Art Exhibit was founded by scandinavian artist David Sandum in 2009. This is the 10th year TAE make the world a little bit better through the sale of original postcard-sized artwork. 

Charity exhibit 

This year’s Twitter Art Exhibit was originally scheduled for April, but had to be postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. TAE20 is curated by Debanjana Bhattacharjee and will be hosted in Myrtle Beach, USA. The exhibition will take place at local artist William H. Miller’s gallery.

Here is my postcard-sized, handmade original artwork.

Miss Myrtle – Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Where to find it

The chosen charity to benefit from this global art exhibition is Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs – HCDSN, located in Myrtle Beach/Conway area of South Carolina. HCDSN aims to develop and extend the art program to offer additional art classes as well as enhance the individual’s opportunity to also engage in statewide community art exhibitions. Read more about HCDSN here 

The TAE20 catalogue

Please help us make a difference!

Myrtle Beach,

TAE20 exhibition dates: Sept 4-8, 2020

Venue: William H. Miller Studios & Fine Art

714 Main St,

SC – 29577


Online Sale: An online sale will follow

Read more at 


Gjennom kunst kan vi forandre verden! Twitter Art Exhibit (TAE20) bruker sosiale medier og offentlig engasjement for å generere inntekter for veldedige organisasjoner og ideelle organisasjoner. 80% av kunstsalget går direkte til veldedighet hvert år.

TAE har tiårsjubileum i år og jeg er deltar  i Twitter Art Exhibit for fjerde gang gjennom å donere original kunst i et format spesielt laget for denne globale begivenheten. I år kom bidraget mitt med på forsiden av katalogen. Så gøy!


Twitter Art Exhibit ble grunnlagt av den skandinaviske kunstneren David Sandum i 2009. Dette er det tiende året TAE gjør verden litt bedre gjennom salg av originale kunst i postkortstørrelse.

Årets Twitter Art Exhibit var opprinnelig planlagt til april, men måtte utsettes på grunn av Covid-19 restriksjoner. TAE20 er kuratert av Debanjana Bhattacharjee og vil finne sted i Myrtle Beach, USA i galleriet til den lokale kunstneren William H. Miller.


Årets utvalgte veldedighetsorganisasjon er Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs – HCDSN, som ligger i Myrtle Beach / Conway-området i South Carolina. HCDSN har som mål å utvikle og utvide kunstprogrammet og tilby flere kunstklasser, samt forbedre den enkeltes mulighet til å delta i statlige samfunnskunstutstillinger. Les mer om organisasjonen her 

Bli med å gjøre en forskjell du også!

Her er utstillingen

TAE20 utstillingsdatoer: 4-8 september 2020

Sted: William H. Miller Studios & Fine Art

714 Main St,

Myrtle Beach,

SC – 29577


Les mer på

Online salg: Når utstillingen er over kan du handle bilder online

Exhibition at Gallery C-14, Oslo

Hurray! It’s time for the graduation and exhibition!

It has been a somewhat strange spring, with online teaching, chat groups and conversations. Online guidance in painting is far from optimal, but we made it! Big thanks to teachers and fellow students for heroic efforts and groundbreaking work in a twisted corona era.

Avgangsutstilling i galleri C-14

Hurra! da er vårens fordypningsprosjekt i havn og det er tid for avgangsklassens utstilling! 

En litt rar vår har det vært, med online undervisning, chattegrupper og samtaler i ymse kanaler. Online-veiledning i maleri er ikke helt optimalt, men bevares vi fikk det da til, så klapp på skulderen til lærer og medstudenter for heroisk innsats og nybrottsarbeid i en vrien koronatid. 

Photo by Sebastian Gabriel Nord
Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Busy days

We are up for busy but pleasant days when the graduate class finally gathers at school again. Creative processes are presented, paintings must be completed and prepared for exhibition.

The school year will last 6 weeks longer than planned because the art school’s original exhibition is canceled due to coronary restrictions. Instead the class will arrange a graduate exhibition at the school’s gallery C-14 in Oslo.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for some of the students to participate under the prevailing circumstances. Our class consists of both experienced and inexperienced exhibitors. The previous workshop in curation and exhibition preparation comes in handy here, because there is a lot of work to be performed, responsibilities and work tasks that must be distributed. After all, we are going to arrange our own graduation exhibition. All by ourselves.

Travle dager

Det blir travle men hyggelige dager når klassen endelig kan samles på skolen igjen. Kreative prosesser skal dokumenteres og presenteres, malerier må sluttføres og klargjøres for utstilling.

Skoleåret blir i praksis 6 uker lengre enn planlagt fordi kunstskolens opprinnelige utstilling må utgå pga koronarestriksjoner. Klassen får i stedet tilbud om å gjennomføre en egen utstilling i  skolens galleri C-14 på ærverdige Frogner. 

Det er dessverre ikke mulig for alle å delta under de rådende omstendigheter, men vi blir en fin gjeng av både erfarne og uerfarne utstillere. Her kommer workshopen i kuratering og utstillingsforberedelser godt med, for det er en god del praktisk arbeid som skal utføres og ansvars- og arbeidsoppgaver som må fordeles. For vi skal jo arrangere vår egen avgangsutstilling. Helt selv.

Photo by Sebastian Gabriel Nord – Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo


It’s time for the opening in Gallery C-14 which is located in Colbjørnsensgate 14 in beautiful Frogner, Oslo. Exhibition period 24-28 June 2020.

The gallery is intimate, and Midsummer Day is very hot. We are excited, but fear people will not  show up in the afternoon heat. Fortunately, they do; family, friends, friends of friends, acquaintances and some casual passers-by. Everyone is welcome!

Our wonderful teacher Henriette Emilie Finne gives the opening speech. The photographer has arrived, life is good and there are free drinks for everyone. Artists are happy, but too tired to celebrate. The evening passes by, not quite like back in the days where absinthe flows and artists celebrate all through the night. Most of us will go to work early in the morning.

Photo: Sebastian Gabriel Nord


Så er dagen endelig kommet: Det er tid for vernissage i Galleri C-14 som ligger i Colbjørnsensgate 14 på ærverdige Frogner i Oslo. Utstillingsperiode 24.-28.juni 2020.

Lokalet er intimt, men det er høyt under taket. Dagen etter St Hansaften er vakker og smellvarm og vi er spente på om folk orker å møte opp i ettermiddagsheten. Det gjør de heldigvis; familie, venner og bekjente, kjente og ukjente og noen tilfeldig forbipasserende. Alle er velkomne! 

Vår supre lærer Henriette Emilie Finne holder åpningstalen, fotografen er på plass, stemningen er god og det er nok drikke til alle. Kunstnerne er lykkelige, men alt for slitne til å feire. Kvelden ble dermed ikke helt som i de gamle kunstnermytene hvor absinten flyter og kunstnerne feirer til den lyse morgen. Mange av oss skal på jobb i morgen tidlig.

Photo by Sebastian Gabriel Nord – Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

The hottest week of the summer

The summer has arrived in full force. But I have hardly noticed, because I have spent days and weeks painting in my studio. Oslo seems to be almost empty. Holidays are here with beautiful summer dresses and bouncy children on their way to the beach. Mothers with picnic baskets and small dogs. Every now and then a working dad passes by on his electric bike.

My class is at gallery C-14 to showcase the results from a long, creative working process carried out mostly in isolation due to Covid-19 restrictions. Oslo has opened up again and we take turns in the hot gallery. We bring a lot of water and run for ice cream. As we get hold of a fan to cool down the gallery, people start walking in.

It feels good when visitors are interested in the displayed works. I hand out business cards hoping that visitors will take a closer look at my website and art blog.

Den varmeste uken på hele sommeren 

Sommeren er kommet for fullt, men det har jo knapt vi kunstnerne merket som har stått inne og malt de siste 3 ukene. Storbyen virker nesten folketom, mange har tatt ferie. Flagrende sommerkjoler og hoppende barn med badering rundt livet er på vei til eller fra stranda, ekvipasjer med piknikkurver og små hunder på slep. En og annen pappa haster forbi på elsykkel med tomt barnesete.

Så er vi her da, for å vise fram sluttresultatet av en lang, kreativ arbeidsprosess denne litt rare våren preget av mye alenetid og avstand pga korona. Vi bytter på å være utstillingsvakt i det kokhete lokalet. Det går med mye vann og vi går i skytteltrafikk til nærbutikken for å kjøpe is. Heldigvis får vi tak i en vifte som hjelper betraktelig på både humøret og publikumsinteressen. 

Det er alltid stas når publikum er interessert i arbeidene og kunstnerne som stiller ut. Det er lurt å ha visittkort klare for å dele ut, for det kan jo tenkes at besøkende vil ta en en nærmere titt på hjemmesiden til noen av kunstnerne, eventuelt også ønsker info om neste utstilling.

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

My four big paintings

I decided to exhibit the large paintings I painted at the end of my process. All four are painted with acrylic and oil pastels, they measure 47 x 37 inches and are mounted on stretched canvas.

Top left: The red roomTop right: My favorite armchair
Bottom left: I need more coffeeBottom right: Let’s rest a little
Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Mine fire store malerier

Jeg bestemte meg for å stille ut mine fire største malerier, selve sluttproduktet av prosessen. Alle er malt med akryl og oljepastell, de måler 120 x 96 cm og er montert på oppspent lerret.

Top left: Det raude rommetTop right: Godstolen
Bottom left: Eg må ha meir kaffiBottom right: Lat oss kvila litt

Then came the rain

After a hot, cloudless week with blue, blue sky, loads of sunshine the rain comes pouring down. It’s like the sky opens up. The rain washes down over dusty city streets, half-dried flower beds and thirsty trees.

We run for the bus between the showers and arrive at the gallery just in time to avoid getting soaked. We rig down and prepare the gallery for next week’s exhibition. It feels good to finish an exhibition, because in my head ideas are flourishing with my next creative process.

Så kom regnet 

Etter en hel uke med skyfri himmel, solsteik – og nummeret før storbyen får heteslag, kommer regnet. I bøtter og spann. Det er som om himmelen åpner seg og regnet skyller ned over støvtørre bygater, halvvisne blomsterbed og tørste trær. 

Vi løper til bussen mellom bygene, blir overrasket i påvente av neste buss og ankommer galleriet akkurat i tide til å unngå å bli plaskvåte. Så er det bare å rigge ned og klargjøre lokalet til neste ukes utstilling. Det er alltid godt å bli ferdig med en utstilling, for hodet mitt er allerede langt inne i neste kreative prosess.

Photo by Sebastian Gabriel Nord – Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Thank you!

The third school year has finally come to an end. I have received my diploma and a warm and wonderful graduation exhibition week here at Gallery C-14 has closed.

Thank you for a wonderful school year, everyone! Many thanks to family and friends who have encouraged and cheered me along the way! What would I be without you?

Now I’m off to new adventures!

Tusen takk!

Tredje skoleår er forbi, vitnemålet er i havn, avgangsutstillingen er slutt. Det har vært en varm og flott utstillingsuke her ved Galleri C-14. 

Tusen takk for et herlig skoleår, alle sammen! Hjertelig takk til familie og venner som har oppmuntret og heiet på meg underveis! Uten dere hadde det neppe gått så bra! 

Nå venter nye eventyr!

Cat People on Show

Amazing how fast this autumn semester passes. It is time to exhibit and I will showcase paintings from my series Cat People which is inspired by cats I’ve shared my life with.

Time flies

It’s kind of weird, but days fly by, while time almost stands still. I enjoy being a third year student at Nydalen Art School under the wings of my favorite teacher, supervisor and professional artist Henriette Emilie Finne. The timing is perfect and I have already learned a lot. Life sometimes gets a bit hectic, but in a good way. And of course, I get lots of help from my artist assistant, Mr. Muskat, we make a good team.

Tiden flyr

Utrolig hvor fort høstsemesteret går. Det er snart tid for utstilling og jeg viser bilder fra min serie Cat People som jeg har jobbet med on and off de siste par årene. Kanskje ikke så rart at man blir inspirert av de man deler tilværelsen med. 

Det er rart, men dagene flyr, samtidig som tiden nesten står stille. Det er fint å være tredjeårsstudent ved Nydalen Kunstskole under vingene til min favorittlærer, veileder og dyktige kunstner Henriette Emilie Finne. Timingen er perfekt og jeg har lært masse allerede. Det blir litt hektisk innimellom, men heldigvis på en god måte. Og så har jeg jo kunstnerassistenten min Herr Muskat, vi er et godt team.

My assistant in the studio
Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Who am I as an artist?

The autumn semester is mainly about who I am as an artist and we focus on portraits and self-portraits. We learn different methods to approach light, shadow and form. Exciting to see the classmates’ personal style emerging. For me it is unusual to work with self-portraits, it feels strange to be my own model – but it is convenient to find a model in the mirror. Some art critics claim that every portrait “really” is a self-portrait. People see different things, that’s for sure!

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

― Edgar Degas

Hvem er jeg som kunstner?

Høstsemesteret handler om hvem jeg er som kunstner og vi fokuserer på portrett og selvportrett. Vi lærer ulike metoder for å nærme oss kjernen av problematikken gjennom studier av lys og form. Spennende å se hvor ulikt klassen løser oppgavene med sin personlige stil. Det er uvant å jobbe med selvportretter, litt rart å skulle være sin egen modell – men det er jo veldig praktisk å alltid ha en tilgjengelig modell  i speilet. Enkelte kunstkritikere mener at et hvert portrett “egentlig” er et selvportrett. Folk ser ulike ting og det er bra!

“Kunst er ikke hva du ser, men hva du får andre til å se.”

– Edgar Degas

Finding my personal style

It is quite difficult to know what one’s personal artistic style looks like. Therefore we are encouraged to collect things that we like and that mean something to us. We hunt old sketchbooks, drawings, paintings. Looking through photo albums, textiles and household utensils in search of ourselves. What do these things represent and how can I bring some of these elements into my art? What do other artists do, what constitutes their personal style? 

Å finne sin personlige stil 

Det er ikke helt enkelt å vite hva som er ens personlige kunstneriske stil, derfor oppfordres vi til å samle på ting vi liker og som betyr noe for oss. Vi går gjennom gamle skissebøker, tegninger, malerier. Ser gjennom fotoalbumer, tekstiler og husgeråd i jakten på oss selv. Hva representerer disse tingene for meg og hvordan kan jeg bruke dette i min kunst? Hva gjør andre kunstnere, hva utgjør deres personlige stil?

From my Cat People series
Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

What do other artists do?

In our search for inspiration the class visits artist studios. We flip through loads of art books, watch art films, join lectures, discussions, we google and go to exhibitions. We try different techniques and methods. We learn many useful tools and practice until we get it.

Hva gjør andre kunstnere?

I vår søken etter inspirasjon drar klassen på atelierbesøk hos andre kunstnere, blar i massevis av kunstbøker, ser kunstfilmer, har forelesninger, diskuterer, googler og går på utstillinger. Vi prøver ulike teknikker og metoder. Vi lærer mange nyttige verktøy og vi øver helt til vi får det til!

Working process

I prefer the working process where I first think of some possible ideas, then make a number of simple small sketches, before continuing to work on a few interesting sketches before I set the work aside to mature. I normally have several ongoing creative processes, therefore I never run out of work. I wish I had an extra day of the week.

Serielle undersøkelser 

Det jeg liker best er nok serielle undersøkelser. Først finner jeg mulige ideer, så lager jeg et antall enkle småskisser, deretter jobber jeg videre med noen av de skissene jeg syns er mest interessante. Noen dager eller uker senere er jeg klar for å jobbe jeg videre. Jeg har alltid flere kreative prosesser gående samtidig, slik at jeg alltid har noe å jobbe med i ledige stunder. Jeg ønsker at døgnet hadde flere timer og at jeg fikk en ekstra ukedag.

Working on a personal theme

I have had a fairly long creative process working on a specific theme for a while, a theme that says something about my being in the world. Throughout my life, I have been concerned with the relationship between animals and humans. Dog and horse owners will surely have many stories to tell. I myself have lived with cats since I was little. I find cats quite magical!

Et personlig tema

Jeg har hatt en relativt lang kreativ prosess og jobbet med et spesifikt tema en stund, et tema som sier noe om min væren i verden. I hele mitt liv har jeg vært opptatt av relasjonen mellom dyr og menneske. Hunde- og hesteeiere vil helt sikkert ha mange historier å komme med. Selv har jeg levd sammen med katter siden jeg var liten. Jeg syns katter er helt magiske!

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Cat people

Of course, one should not humanize animals, but I sometimes experience that it is possible to communicate with animals. Occasionally there are special moments where I wonder if the animal feels a bit of the same wonder as me.

The family cat we have now, handsome Mr. Muscat has the ability to suddenly “appear” in my head minutes before he enters the front door. Strange, but hardly coincidental. I sincerely doubt that I show up in Mr. Muscat’s head. I am told that during my middle school years I had a cat who always “knew” when I got home: 15 minutes before I arrived (no matter what time of day and from which direction) my cat suddenly appeared at a certain place to wait for me to walk him in. Part of the story is that this particular cat spent his first weeks in an incubator made from my wool socks, the baby kitten was hand fed by me, and he slept in my bed every single night as long as he lived. We were best friends.

Cat people

Man skal selvsagt ikke menneskeliggjøre dyrene, men jeg opplever at det er mulig å kommunisere med enkelte dyr. Det oppstår av og til spesielle øyeblikk der jeg lurer på om dyrene kjenner litt av den samme undringen som meg. 

Katten vi har nå, kjekke Herr Muskat, har det med å plutselig dukke opp i hodet mitt minutter før han kommer inn. Merkelig, men tilfeldig er det neppe. Jeg tviler vel egentlig på at jeg dukker opp i Muskats hode. Da jeg gikk på ungdomsskolen hadde jeg en katt som alltid visste når jeg kom hjem: 15 minutter før jeg ankom (uansett tid på døgnet og fra hvilken retning) dukket katten opp og satte seg til på et bestemt sted for å vente på meg, så gikk vi sammen inn. Det hører med til historien at akkurat den katten lå i kuvøse inni ullsokkene mine og ble matet med tåteflaske de første ukene av sitt liv, og han sov sammen med meg hver eneste natt så lenge den levde. Vi var gode venner.

Art project and personal history

This fall, the third graders have been working to integrate our personal history into the artistic process trying out different approaches. I have pondered over elements that often appear in my work and finally I understood something new. So I guess the striped rugs will be part of my art, since they are connected to some good memories.

Cats have been present in my work for some time. Trying to catch the cats’ essence, I have made cats in different colors and in black and white, I have used charcoal, felt-tip pens and acrylic paint. I have drawn details such as ears, claws and eyes over and over again and tested countless ways to make fur. In the beginning, the cats looked quite realistic, then gradually more and more abstracted.

Eyes reflect the soul, I have heard. I believe the same goes for animal eyes. It is also said that pets and owners become more alike over time. But the pictures you see here are no attempts at self-portraits of me and Mr. Muscat, although he has certainly been present during the creation of the pictures. There is no final word here, you get to look at the motifs in the light of your experiences. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I love listening to people’s associations and interpretations in the showroom.

Kunstprosjekt med personlige elementer

Denne høsten har tredjeklassene jobbet for å integrere vår personlige historie i den kunstneriske prosessen. Vi har forsøkt ulike tilnærminger, jeg har lett og grublet over elementer som ofte dukker opp i mine egne arbeider og plutselig en dag var det som om det løsnet litt, som om jeg forstod et og annet som jeg har lurt på lenge. Så de stripete filleryene blir nok antakelig med meg videre, de gir meg gode vibber. 

Kattene har vært til stede i mine arbeider en god stund. For å få tak på kattenes vesen har jeg laget katter i farger og svart-hvitt, jeg har brukt kull, tusj og akrylmaling. Jeg har tegnet detaljer som ører, klør og øyne om og om igjen. Jeg har testet utallige måter å lage pels på. I begynnelsen var skikkelsene realistiske i utførelsen, etter hvert mer og mer abstraherte. 

Øynene speiler menneskets sjel, har jeg hørt. Jeg tror det samme gjelder dyrenes øyne. Det sies også at kjæledyr og mennesker ligner hverandre. Men bildene du ser her er ikke forsøk på selvportretter av meg og Herr Muskat, selv om han har absolutt vært til stede under tilblivelsen av bildene. Det finnes ingen fasit her, du får selvsagt betrakte motivene i lys av dine erfaringer. Det meste kommer an på øyet som ser og det er alltid gøy å høre andres assosiasjoner og tolkninger i utstillingslokalet.

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Exhibition in pre-Christmas rush

An important part of being an artist is to showcase your work. The third graders will take part in the Christmas exhibition at school 14.-15.december 2019. It has been 6 years since I last participated in this group exhibition and I am excited to see other student’s work. But first there are preparations:

The Christmas exhibition is arranged every year and all art students are involved in the entire process. We prepare walls, hang pictures, work together with the curator, we are present during the exhibition, receive the audience and assist with sales. Afterwards sold works get handed out, unsold works get collected and the school is prepared for next term. Exhibition practice is an important part of our learning process and provides important insight into being an artist.

This year the exhibition weekend collides with the pre-Christmas rush. I’m expecting visitors from abroad. There might even be some surprises too, but it’s ok as I live a short walk away. The favorite trail is icy at this time of year, so I must avoid ending up in the icy Akerselva.

There will be 103 works at the gallery. Creating exhibitions with others is beneficial, and there are more chances to come. Sometimes I dream of having my very own gallery.

Follow this link for more pictures from this project

Utstilling midt i julestria

En viktig del av det å være kunstner er å vise arbeidene sine. Tredjeklassene tar del i juleutstillingen 14.-15.desember 2019. Det er 6 år siden jeg sist var med på kunstskolens gruppeutstilling og det blir spennende å se hva årets elever stiller ut. Men først er det forberedelser.

Kunstskolens juleutstilling arrangeres hvert år og vi kunststudenter er med på hele prosessen frem til ferdig utstilling. Vi klargjør lokaler, henger opp bilder sammen med skolens kurator, er tilstede under utstillingen, tar i mot publikum og bistår ved salg. Etterpå må utstillingen tas ned, solgte verk leveres ut, usolgte arbeider hentes og skolen må klargjøres for neste semester. Utstillingspraksisen er en viktig del av læringen ved skolen og gir innblikk i det å være kunstner.

Utstillingshelgen kolliderer med førjulsinnspurten og jeg venter hyggelig besøk fra inn- og utland. Kanskje dukker det opp noen overraskelser også, men det går fint ettersom jeg bor en kort spasertur unna. Favorittstien er isete på denne tiden av året, så her gjelder det å unngå å havne i iskalde Akerselva.

I år er det 103 arbeider med på juleutstillingen. Å lage utstillinger sammen med andre er en fin erfaring og det kommer flere sjanser. Av og til drømmer jeg om å ha et helt eget galleri. 

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Her kan du se flere av bildene jeg har jobbet med til dette prosjektet

Twitter Art Exhibit Scotland – TAE19

Through art we can change the world! This is the third year I take part in global Twitter Art Exhibit (#TAE) by donating a mini piece of original art especially made for this global event.

This year’s Twitter Art Exhibit

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

#TAE19 takes place in Scotland and will be supporting Edinburgh based charity Art in Healthcare whose core aim is to “have a Scotland in which visual art improves health and keeps people well”.

As a former art teacher I have experienced how creative workshops and playful painting classes can relieve stress, build teams, serve as a distraction from anxieties and give people a time out from the everyday struggles with mental health issues.

Art can be great fun!

Having fun playing with colours, toghether with others being in the same kind of situation, often build both new skills and self esteem, not to mention friendship.

Under the right conditions art can be quite a lot of fun.

Art workshops as means of transformation

I’m so happy to support Art in Healthcare on their mission to transform Scottish healthcare through using visual art to improve health and wellbeing.

Art in Healthcare works closely with a broad cross section of healthcare providers. The art workshops are led by professional artists and aided by volunteers. They bring the power of creativity to people in times of need, whether in a hospital, care home, community health centre, hospice or any other health care setting.

Funds raised by #TAE19 will enable Art in Healthcare to develop and extend their workshop programme to benefit more people within the healthcare system.

I hope for Norwegian healthcare to ackowledge the therapeutic effects and offer art workshops to patients in hospitals, GP surgeries, community care groups, hospices and healthcare centres. I would be happy to contribute!

About TAE

Twitter Art Exhibit started 10 years ago by artist David Sandum and since then, this sosial media powered art exhibition has raised approximately US$ 64,000 (£50,00) for various charities around the world! Shop original mini art here!

#TAE twitter art exhibit

#TAE twitter art exhibit


Gjennom kunst kan vi være med og forandre verden! Dette er tredje året jeg deltar i den internasjonale Twitter Art Exhibit #TAE gjennom å donere et lite stykke kunst spesielt laget for denne globale hendelsen.

Årets Twitter Art Exhibit #TAE19 holdes i Skottland og støtter veldedighetsorganisasjonen Art in Healthcare, med base i Edinburg.

Organisasjonens hovedmål er “et Skottland der visuell kunst forbedrer helsen og holder folk friske”.

Som tidligere kunstlærer har jeg erfart hvordan kreative maleworkshops kan lindre stress, bygge teamfølelse, avlede bekymringer og gi folk litt fritid fra hverdagens kamp mot psykens mange krumspring. Å leke med farger sammen med likesinnede gir både ferdigheter og selvtillit.

Under de rette forholdene kan kunstnerisk utfoldelse, læring og mestring være veldig gøy.

OMG! which one to choose for #TAE19

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Jeg er glad for å støtte Art in Healthcare i deres oppdrag med å forvandle skotske helsetjenester ved å bruke visuell kunst til å forbedre helse og velvære.

Art in Healthcare jobber tett sammen med et bredt spekter av helsepersonell. Kunstgruppene ledes av profesjonelle kunstnere og støttes opp av frivillige. Workshopene stimulerer til kreativitet hos deltakerne i vanskelige perioder, på sykehus, i omsorgshjem,  frisklivssentraler, helsehus, hospice eller andre helsetjenester.

Midlene som reises av # TAE19 vil gjøre det mulig for Art in Healthcare å videreutvikle og rulle ut kursprogrammet og nå enda flere pasienter og pårørende i helsesystemet.

Tips til norske beslutningstakere

Jeg håper beslutningstakere innenfor norsk helseomsorg vil tilby kreative malegrupper, workshops og kurs til pasienter ved sykehus, legesenter, frisklivssentraler, hospice og helsesentre.

Jeg bidrar gjerne til å oppnå terapeutiske effekter og gode stunder, eksempelvis gjennom kreative malegrupper for personer med demens og deres pårørende! 

Twitter Art Exhibit ble startet for 10 år siden av kunstneren David Sandum og siden da har denne sosiale media-drevne kunstutstillingen samlet inn ca US $ 64,000 (£ 50,00) til veldedighetsorganisasjoner over hele verden!

Utstillingen er over og Curlie Girlie er nok solgt, men det er fortsatt mange fine små originale kunstverk igjen i nettbutikken, så løp og kjøp – eller klikk her, så kan du også bidra!

Curlie Girlie (c) art by Rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Twitter Art Exhibit Australia – TAE18

Being an artist has a few advantages; I must admit I really enjoyed working on my entry for the INTERNATIONAL TWITTER ART EXHIBIT. This year, #TAE18 will be supporting Australian charity Pegasus Riding for the Disabled of the ACT Inc. in Canberra.

Through art we can change the world!

Twitter Art Exhibit 2018

Twitter Art Exhibit 2018

Twitter Art Exhibit is an international exhibition of original art which this year is supporting the Australian Charity – Pegasus Riding for the Disabled of the ACTThe entire exhibition is carried out by an unpaid, volunteer corps of organizers and artists.

TAE18 is the eighth installment of this open international exhibition of handmade postcard art for charity, donated by artists from around the world and will be curated by artist Kylie Fogarty.

Social media plays a major role in the Twitter Art Exhibit. The event will be highly publicized and well attended by art buyers and enthusiasts, members of the press, local artists and the TAE community.

See the ability in people with a disability!

Charity being supported this year is Pegasus Riding for the Disabled of the ACT Inc. who provides horse facilitated therapy programs and activities for people living with a disability. Pegasus ATC provides over 2000 sessions a year to more than 100 people living with a disability. Their vision is a world that sees the ability in people with a disability. Programs are developed in collaboration with qualified coaches, therapists and families.

Art can change the world

Art can change the world

I’m so happy to take part in this year’s Twitter Art Exhibit to be held in Canberra AUSTRALIA
Benefiting Pegasus Riding For The Disabled of ACT Inc.

My contribution
Pleased to tell you I have donated a handpainted art postcard for the charity sale. Thank you #TAE18 for this opportunity to help make the world a little better!

Through art we can change the world!



Å være kunstner har utvilsomt sine fordeler; jeg må innrømme at jeg hadde en god følelse mens jeg arbeidet med mitt bidrag til årets INTERNATIONALE TWITTER ART EXHIBIT #TAE18 som i år støtter australsk veldedighet: Pegasus Riding for Disabled av ACT Inc. i Canberra.

Gjennom kunst kan vi forandre verden!

Twitter Art Exhibit er en internasjonal kunstutstilling som i år støtter den australske veldedighetsorganisasjonen Pegasus Riding for Disabled for ACT.

TAE18 er den åttende utstillingen i rekken der kunstnere fra hele verden donerer håndlaget postkortskunst for veldedighet med mål om å bidra til en bedre verden.  Utstillingen blir kurert av kunstneren Kylie Fogarty og gjennomføres av frivillige og kunstnere.

Sending my contribution to TAE18

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Sosiale medier (SoMe) spiller en viktig rolle for gjennomføringen av Twitter Art Exhibit. Arrangementet kan skilte med stor publisitet og god deltakelse blant kunstkjøpere og entusiaster, presse, lokale kunstnere og TAE-fellesskapet.

Se evner hos personer med nedsatt funksjonsevne!

I år tilfaller inntektene fra #TAE18 den australske veldedighetsorganisasjonen Pegasus Riding for Disabled for ACT Inc. som tilbyr hesteterapi og -aktiviteter for mennesker med nedsatt funksjonsevne. Pegasus ATC gjennomfører over 2000 økter om året til mer enn 100 personer med nedsatt funksjonsevne. Organisasjonens visjon er en verden som ser evnene til mennesker med nedsatt funksjonsevne. Terapiprogrammene og aktivitetene er utviklet i samarbeid med kvalifiserte trenere, terapeuter og familier.

Hurra, jeg er så glad for å delta i årets Twitter Art Exhibit som skal holdes i Canberra Australia til inntekt for Pegasus ridning for funksjonshemmede.

Mitt bidrag
I år har jeg også donert et håndmalt kunstpostkort til veldedighetsutstillingen. Tusen takk # TAE18 for denne muligheten til å være med og gjøre verden litt bedre!

Gjennom kunst kan vi forandre verden!

@rekkebohan TAE18AUS

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Twitter Art Exhibit UK – TAE17

Being an artist has many advantages. One of them is preparing for exhibitions. I really enjoyed working on my entry for the Twitter Art Exhibit UK (TAE17 UK) supporting Molly Olly’s Wishes in Stratford upon Avon, UK 1-19 April 2017.

Sometimes art can change the world!

Making childrens wishes come true
The charity being supported this year is Molly Olly’s Wishes who do brilliant work for children with terminal or serious illness. I am proud to participate by donating a piece of art and  thereby contribute to making the children’s wishes come true.

Where and when
Dates and opening times of the TAE17 sale and exhibition at the Stratford upon Avon ArtsHouse in Rother Street 2-19 April 2017. Opening Night Sale 1 April 2017 6-9pm. Cost of cards at the opening night sale is £30 each or 4 for £100. If you are coming to the sale night, if you could bring cash, it would really be appreciated as it will help speed up the buying process!

Looking forward to meeting you all at TAE17 supporting Molly Olly’s Wishes

My contribution
One of them small cuties is on the way to the charity sale to help children’s wishes come true! Thank you for letting me participate!

På norsk

Kunstnerlivet har sine fordeler. Eksempelvis forberedelse til utstillinger. Jeg har hatt det kjempefint mens jeg har jobbet fram bildet til Twitter Art Exhibit UK (TAE17 UK) som støtter Molly Olly’s Wishes i Stratford upon Avon i England 1. -19. april 2017.

Noen ganger kan kunst være med å forandre verden!

Kunst bidrar til at barnas ønsker går i oppfyllelse
Året Twitter Art Exhibit veldedighetsutstilling tilfaller Molly Olly’s Wishes som gjør veldig mye bra for alvorlig syke barn. Jeg er glad for å kunne delta ved å donere et lite kunstverk og dermed bidra til at barnas ønsker går i oppfyllelse!

Datoer og åpningstider
TAE17 salg og utstilling i Stratford upon Avon ArtsHouse i Rother Gate 2. – 19. april 2017. Åpningssalg 1. april 2017 6-9 pm.  Pris for kunstkort på åpningskvelden er £ 30 hver, eller 4 for £ 100. Ta gjerne med kontanter så bidrar du til å få fortgang i handleprosessen!

Vi ses på TAE17 støtte Molly Olly’s Wishes!

Mitt bidrag
En av disse små søtingene er på vei til veldedighetsutstillingen for å hjelpe barnas ønsker å gå i oppfyllelse! Takk for at jeg får delta!


Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Summertime Fine

When I paint I feel fine, summertime fine – quite playful and happy acutally – like back in the days when the sky was always blue and we had strawberries for breakfast and spent the entire summer swimming, walking the woods and playing with friends.

Yellow cow, blue lorry (c) art-by-rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

This series of paintings, Summertime Fine, is inspired from memories. Here is one of my favourite paintings: Yellow Cow, Blue Lorry (46×55 cm acrylic and pastels on canvas).

Guess you can see that the sky was always blue back then, or maybe the weather has slightly changed through my memory filter…

I loved watching the green caterpillars eat my mother’s flowers for lunch. I remember thinking my mother’s nasturtiums were the most beautiful flowers on the garden porch, and I never fully understood why she freaked out seeing her beautiful flowers being eaten alive by the hordes of caterpillars.

I also enjoyed watching the happy cows grazing the fields after a long winter inside the cowshed. And I felt really proud as I grew strong enough to bring them water in heavy buckets, and boy they did drink a lot! Sometimes I spent the whole afternoon carrying water.

One day my father brought me a lorry, a blue lorry from the big city. I loved playing with my lorry, it was the only one I got.

Sweet dreams (c) art-by-rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Here are a few more paintings from the same series. And of course you can see more work at my homepage.

Kamikaze Bird (c) art-by-rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Når jeg maler har jeg det fint, sommerfølelsen er herlig – ganske leken og glad – som i gamle dager da himmelen alltid var blå og vi spiste jordbær til frokost og badet hele sommeren, gikk tur i skogen og lekte med venner.

Denne serien med malerier, Summertime Fine, er inspirert av gode minner. Dette er et av mine favoritt malerier: Gul ku, blå lastebil (46×55 cm akryl og tørrpastell på lerret).

Regner med du ser at himmelen alltid var blå, eller kanskje har været endret seg litt gjennom hukommelsens filter …

Jeg elsket å se de sultne grønne larvene spise min mors blomster til lunsj. Jeg syns at min mors blomkarse var de vakreste blomstene på verandaen, men jeg skjønte aldri hvorfor hun ble så sint når hun så at larvene spiste de vakre blomstene hennes.

Jeg likte veldig godt å se glade kyr på beite etter en lang vinter inne i fjøset. Og jeg var skikkelig stolt da jeg ble sterk nok til å gi kyrne vann i tunge bøtter, og jamme drikker dem mye! Av og til brukte jeg hele ettermiddagen på å bære vann.

En dag fikk jeg en lastebil av min far, en blå lastebil fra storbyen. Jeg elsket å leke med lastebilen, det var det eneste bilen jeg hadde.

Her er noen flere malerier fra den samme serien. Du kan du se flere arbeider på min hjemmeside

Virre longing for a home (c) art-by-rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

My pics at the U90 art exhibition

Mounting an art exhibition is great fun, but it can also be a bit tricky like when you have 9 artists with quite different styles.

How do you balance one picture against another and how do we make the walls in the gallery rooms speak to each other – is there a common language somewhere? The trick is how to make the pictures lift each other. Here are a few glimpses

First floor 2015 (c) art by rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

U90 2015 (c) art by rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

My paintings
You will find details about my contribution to the group exhibition at my homepage, check out this page

norsk_flagg_ikonMontering av kunstutstillinger er veldig moro, men det kan også være litt kinkig,  for eksempel som her, når vi har ni kunstnere med ganske så forskjellige uttrykk.

Hvordan balanserer man bilder opp mot hverandre, og hvordan kan bildene henges opp slik at veggene i galleriet snakker med hverandre – fins det et felles språk i bildene? Trikset er å få bildene til å løfte hverandre. Her ser du noen glimt fra vår opphenging.

Mine bilder
Du finner mer informasjon om mitt bidrag til gruppeutstillingen på hjemmesiden min, sjekk ut denne siden U90 2015 for detaljer om alle bildene jeg hadde med.

Opening Night – the U90 art exhibition

Thank you everyone for sharing the magic of the opening night with us. So happy to see you all! Now you know what we have been up to in the painting studio.

Happy artist (c) art by rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Magic opening night
Thank you for your the flowers, the warm applauds, your kind interest, your questions and remarks and all your nice comments about our work. And thank you so much for buying our work an supporting us as artists.

Opening hours this week is 13-20 every day. Read more at or follow our facebook event

U90 exhibition 2015 (c) art by rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

norsk_flagg_ikonTakk til alle som kom og delte den magiske åpningskvelden med oss. Så glad for å se dere alle sammen! Nå vet dere hva vi har drevet med i atelieret den siste tiden.

Magisk åpningskveld
Tusen takk for blomster, applaus, interessante spørsmål og alle hyggelige kommentarer i forbindelse med vårt arbeid. Og hjertelig takk for at dere kjøper bilder og støtter oss som kunstnere.

Åpningstider denne uken er 13-20 hver dag. Les mer på og følg med på vårt facebook arrangement

Invitation for U90 art exhibition

Some of you may have noticed the successful social media campaign for the U90 exhibition. We truly hope that updates on our facebook event will help you to show up to share the magic moment with us!

Invitation for art exhibition
The invitations are printed, we are all set to go! Welcome to this year’s U90 art exhibition at Dalype Gallery, Oslo (May 7.-13. 2015)

invitations are out (c) art by rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Almost there!
Working towards an art exhibition is a long term complex project of parallel processes like creating the art, promoting the project and hosting the arrangement. Now we are entering the final stages, so what’s left to be done?

  • Paintings:
    • some paintings needs a few finishing touches
    • varnish
    • framing
  • At the gallery:
    • May 6th: Mounting of the exhibition
    • Price list
    • Shopping
    • Prepare speech
    • May 7th: Opening night

Welcome! Hope to see you all there!

invitation (c) art by rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

norsk_flagg_ikonNoen av dere har kanskje lagt merke til den vellykkede sosiale media kampanjen for årets U90 utstilling. Vi håper virkelig at oppdateringer på vårt facebookarrangement vil minne dere på å dukke opp for å dele det magiske øyeblikket med oss!

Invitasjonene er trykket og er vi klare! Velkommen til årets U90 kunstutstilling på Dalype Galleri, Oslo (7.-13.mai 2015)

Nesten klart
Å jobbe mot en kunstutstilling er et langsiktig og komplekst prosjekt med parallelle prosesser som å skape kunsten, markedsføre prosjektet og arrangere selve utstillingen. Nå går vi inn i sluttfasen, så hva det igjen å gjøre?

  • Malerier:
    • noen malerier trenger noen finjusteringer
    • vernissering
    • innramming
  • Promotion – Markedsføring:
  • I galleriet:
    • 6 mai: Montering av utstillingen
    • prisliste
    • handle
    • forberede tale
  • 7 mai: Åpning

Velkommen! Håper å se dere der alle sammen!

welcome to the U90 exhibition (c) art by rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Trust the process

A year ago we booked a gallery for this year’s U90 art exhibition and together we set out on a journey towards fame and fortune.

Happy artist (c) art by rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Preparing for art exhibition – part 3
With only two weeks to go before the U90 exhibition, we gather at the studio for a weekend of hard work. All according to our project plan, of course.  We are equipped with canvases, paint and good food  to take us through the weekend. Family and friends will probably have to wait until opening night May 7th.

Kill your darlings!
As expected we realise we have to work hard to finish the last paintings, and maybe some of us will have to leave a few babies at home unfinished. Sometimes it feels really hard to kill your darlings, but normally the result gets better, so trust the process!

new beginnings (c) art by rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

New beginnings: Trust the process!
Lately I have managed to finish most of my smaller works, so this weekend I have brought two premature big paintings to amuse myself with – and hopefully, if I am lucky, take a few steps towards new artistic landscapes.

The past months I have observed that my paintings seems to be turning in to a more figurative direction, so I am quite curious to find out what might inhabit these two new big canvases. The colours are so vivid, I feel need to change to another position in the studio in order to contemplate and express the message. This is how far I got!

well spent weekend (c) art by rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Brilliant teamwork
As the marketing manager/ project coordinator I have made a few efforts towards promoting the project and motivating this hard working team for some extra efforts to get things done on time. OMG! Time flies this spring!

And what a perfect team to work with: I am so lucky to be part of such a brilliant team! My contributions have have never been easier! Thank you, guys! I am impressed!

norsk_flagg_ikonFor et år siden booket vi et galleri for årets U90 kunstutstilling og satte ut på vår felles reise mot berømmelsen.

Forberedelse til kunstutstilling – del 3
Med bare to uker igjen før U90 utstillingen, samles vi i atelieret for en helg med hardt arbeid. Alt i henhold til vår prosjektplan, selvfølgelig. Vi er utstyrt med lerreter, maling og god mat for å ta oss gjennom helgen. Familie og venner vil trolig måtte vente til åpningen 7 mai.

Kill Your Darlings!
Som forventet innser vi at vi må jobbe hardt for å fullføre de siste maleriene, og kanskje blir noen av oss nødt til å forlate noen uferdige “babyer” hjemme. Noen ganger føles det veldig vanskelig å “Kill Your Darlings”, men resultatet blir oftest bedre, så stol på prosessen!

Ny begynnelse: Stol på prosessen!
I det siste jeg har klart å fullføre de fleste av mine mindre arbeider, så denne helgen har jeg tatt med meg to nylig påbegynte store malerier for å leke litt med – og forhåpentligvis, hvis jeg er heldig, ta noen skritt mot nye kunstneriske landskap. De siste månedene har jeg observert at bildene mine ser ut til å dreie mot en mer figurativ retning, så jeg er nysgjerrig på å finne ut hva som bor i disse nye, store lerreteen. Fargene er så kraftige at jeg føler behov for å flytte meg til et annet sted i malerverkstedet for å kunne jobbe med uttrykket. Og jeg kom et godt stykke på vei denne helgen!

Strålende teamarbeid
Som markedssjef / prosjektkoordinator jeg har lagt ned litt innsats for å drive prosjektet og motivere et hardtarbeidende team til ekstra innsats for å få ting gjort i tide. Herregud som tiden flyr denne våren!

Og hvilket perfekt team å jobbe sammen med: Jeg er superheldig som er del av et sånt strålende team! Mitt bidrag har aldri vært enklere! Takk folkens! Jeg er imponert!

Artistic promotions

U90 is a group of talented artists who met in art school. Part of the creative team process is to inspire each other, to look for new artistic landscapes and techniques, and to find motivation when things are getting complicated (and you don’t know whether you are on the right or the wrong artistic track).

Preparing for art exhibition – part 2
When working towards an art exhibition, there are multiple chores and parallel processes that must be handled, since the product consists of paintings, artists, promotion and audience in a chosen gallery. As a trained project manager I love processes with a beginning and an end. This demands a realistic plan, competent team members and skills to lead the team safely towards the common goal. This years exhibition will show pictures from 9 talented artists with quite different themes, color schemes and techniques.

U90 2015 (c) art by rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Practising coaching skills when motivation falls
Some people doesn’t like deadlines, but I do. Some tend to get more stressed out the closer we get to a set date. For artists this kind of negative stress might cause major problems during the creative process, some have trouble finishing their paintings.

Being part of a complex artist collective working togehter towards a group exhibition therefore gives me the chance to practise my coaching skills.

Artistic promotions
This year I also have the pleasure of contributing as the marketing manager for the U90 art exhibition. That means I have outlined and presented a marketing plan in order to promote our U90 art exhibition in the best possible way – hoping to generate an audience with art collectors and gallery curators, which hopefully will result in new opportunities and sales.

Drying paintings outside (c) artbyrekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Goal oriented artistic process
But first and foremost, the U90 art exhibition is about having a goal, a finish line for the creative process, and gives us an opportunity to show familiy and friends what we actually produce in the studio. 

Easter is around the corner and most of us will spend the upcoming holidays painting in the stdio, instead of skiing in the mountains.

Easter (c) art by rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

norsk_flagg_ikonU90 er en gruppe talentfulle kunstnere som møttes på kunstskolen. En viktig del av den kreative gruppeprosessen er å inspirere hverandre, å utforske nye kunstneriske landskap og teknikker, og å finne motivasjon når ting blir komplisert (når du er usikker på om du er på riktig eller galt kunstneriske spor).

Forberedelse til kunstutstilling – del 2
Når du arbeider mot en kunstutstilling, er det flere oppgaver og parallelle prosesser som må håndteres, etter som produktet består både av malerier, kunstnere, markedsføring og publikum i et utvalgt galleri. Som utdannet prosjektleder elsker jeg prosesser som har en begynnelse og en slutt. Dette prosjektet krever en realistisk plan, kompetente medarbeidere og ferdigheter til å lede laget trygt fram til et felles mål. Årets utstilling viser bilder fra 9 talentfulle kunstnere med helt forskjellige temaer, farger og teknikker.

Coaching når motivasjonen synker
Noen mennesker liker ikke tidsfrister, men det gjør jeg. Enkelte har en tendens til å bli mer stresset jo nærmere vi kommer datoen. For kunstnere kan denne typen negativt stress forårsake store problemer under den kreative prosessen, noen har problemer med å ferdigstille sine malerier.

Å være del av et kompleks kunstnerkollektiv og jobbe sammen mot en gruppeutstilling, gir meg derfor muligheten til å praktisere mine coaching ferdigheter.

I år har jeg gleden av å inneha rollen som markedssjef for U90 kunstutstillingen. Det betyr at jeg har utarbeidet og presentert en markedsføringsplan for å fremme vår U90 kunstutstilling på best mulig måte – i håp om å generere et publikum med kunstsamlere og gallerister, som forhåpentligvis vil resultere i nye muligheter og salg.

Målrettet kunstnerisk prosess
Men først og fremst handler U90 kunstutstillingen om å ha et mål,  å kunne sette en sluttstrek for den kreative prosessen, og samtidig gir utstillingen oss mulighet til å vise familie og venner hva vi faktisk produserer i atelieret.

Påsken er rett rundt hjørnet, og de fleste av oss vil tilbringe den kommende ferien i malerverkstedet i stedet for på skitur i påskefjellet. Men en kaffe på balkongen rekker man nok.

Coffee (c) art by rekkebo

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

Preparing for Art Exhibition – part 1

I simply love the process of preparing for an art exhibition. This spring I will take part in U90’s group exhibition at Dalype gallery in Oslo 7.-13. May.

This years exhibition will show pictures from 9 talented artists with quite different themes, color schemes and techniques. Here is a glimpse from last year’s opening night.

U90 at Dalype galleri 2014

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

During the opening night last year I brought my camera and made a facebook album as a gift to my talented artist friends.

Last years art exhibition went very well. This year I am lucky enough to be part of the team and have taken on the role to document the working process and to promote our exhibition – And hopefully I’ll be at hand if motivation drops.

U90 is a group of talented artists who met in art school. So far I have chosen to work on my own and frequently join U90 during weekends, but I might reconcider and join in on a more regular basis in the future.

U90's spring exhibition at Dalype gallery 2014

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo

The best part of the creative team process is to inspire each other, seek out new artistic landscapes and to be one another’s jungel guide when things are getting complicated
– and I asure you; art IS complicated, there are so many techniques, themes and choices to be made in order to start, make and finish a painting.

The magic of painting lies in how to communicate your artistic intentions to the audience. Which techniques and what colores should you choose to underline your artistic theme or idea? What kind of motifes or symbols will get your message through?

We all have different artistic intentions and underlying themes, but that’s my blog topic for another day. Here is a collage from working in Studio U90 a few weeks ago.

Preparing for exhibition

Copyright (c) Art by Rekkebo


Jeg elsker å forberede utstillinger. Snart deltar jeg på U90s utstilling på Dalype galleri i Oslo 7. – 13. mai. Årets vårutstilling vil ha med bilder fra ni dyktige kunstnere med ganske forskjellige uttrykk, tema, fargevalg og teknikker.

De to øverste fotografiene er glimt fra fjorårets åpningskveld hvor jeg hadde meldt meg som fotograf. Etterpå laget jeg et facebook-album som gave til mine talentfulle kunstnervenner og kolleger.

Fjorårets vårutstilling var svært vellykket. I år er jeg så heldig å være en del av teamet og har tatt på meg rollen å dokumentere arbeidsprosessen og markedsføre utstillingen – Og forhåpentligvis vil jeg være der hvis motivasjonen skulle synke bittelitt innimellom i en nokså hektisk hverdag.

U90 er en gruppe talentfulle kunstnere som møttes på kunstskolen. Frem til nå har jeg valgt å jobbe på egen hånd og delta på U90s arrangementer i helgene, men det er mulig jeg revurderer og slår meg sammen med denne herlige gjengen etter hvert.

Det beste med å være del av et kunstnerisk fellesskap er den kreative prosessen, når vi inspirerer hverandre, søker nye kunstneriske landskap og er hverandres jungelguide når ting blir litt for komplisert. For kunst er komplisert; det er et hav av teknikker, temaer og valg som skal gjøres for å påbegynne, male og fullføre et maleri.

Magien i det å male ligger i hvordan kommunisere sin kunstneriske intensjon til publikum. Hvilke teknikker og hvilke farger bør du velge for å understreke ditt kunstneriske tema eller din idé? Hva slags motiver eller symboler vil gjøre budskapet tydelig?

Vi har alle litt ulike kunstneriske intensjoner og underliggende temaer, men det får blir bloggtema en annen dag. Til slutt ser du en samling med foto fra en helg i Studio U90 for noen uker siden.