How to buy my artworks

So many of my followers have asked: How do we get to buy your artworks? 

Initially I was planning for an open studio, or a pop up exhibition, this month. I wanted to share some secrets from my studio, meet nice people, chat about life and art, and give you the opportunity to grab yourself a studio sale bargain. But as some of you might know, being a working girl means I had to downscale things. So I changed my mind due to a shortage of time and energy. 

Stack of paintings
Stack of paintings

Coming Soon

Instead you will “meet the artist” here at my blog this month. But please be patient, if everything goes my way you’ll get the opportunity to visit my open studio to see all the pieces available in real life next spring. And you’ll also find certain pieces available at ‘studio sale’ price – from small works on paper to larger canvas pieces, and everything in between. That will be so much fun!

But for now: Please be patient! Shopping will be available soon!

Work in Progress 

At the moment I have several series in progress. The past year and a half I have narrowed my work down to abstraction, because I really want to refine my expression and focus on the untold.

In order to simplify and abstract my work further I’ve started working with a set of limitations because it gives me freedom to experiment within the set frames. I also try to avoid overthinking what I’m up to as I like the freshness and raw expression I get when working fast and spontaneously. 

I have worked in all kinds of sizes and on different substrates to find what I like. The process has been so rewarding and I feel confident I’m on the right track!

Stay tuned for more news!

Work in progress
Work in progress