June Diary 24

These past few months have been busy in so many ways, so my studio practice has kind of taken the back seat. I hardly remember my last brush stroke as I’ve given myself time to do other things that I also love. – So what do you say… am I still an artist? I’d say yes! 

Summer in the city

Escaping the hamster wheel

Most of us live busy lives. There are full time jobs, bills to pay, cooking and cleaning, friends and family to take care of, smartphones, concerts, football games and television. At my age I also need a good night’s sleep.

This summer I haven’t planned for any art projects at all… Think that’s the first time since I really started painting in 2011. 

Afternoon Chill Out with Mr Art Cat

Chill Out Zone

On the contrary, I plan to enter my Chill Out Zone consisting of sunny summer days, lazy breakfasts with Mr Art Cat, wonderful lunch baskets and swimming in the nearby lake, hiking, bicycling, roaming the woods and spending warm evenings in my hammock reading interesting books after nice dinners with a glass of Greek Retsina.

After my summer vacation I plan to restart my daily art practice and continue working on my projects. Because when I paint I feel fine, happy and playful – like back in the days when the sky was always blue, we had strawberries for breakfast and spent the entire summer swimming, roaming the woods and playing with friends. So in some ways my studio is kind of an escape from everyday life, and I think we all need to find those places…

See yah later!

See yah later!