March Diary 24

It has been a long, long winter and we’re still not done. My November cactus is blooming again, and again – obviously a bit confused… Mr Cat seems to have given up waiting for spring… He is sleeping most of the time, not at all interested in going outside in the snow, rain and cold wind. I’m not sure he believes me when I keep whispering that spring is around the corner… 

Mr Cat sleeps all day

But March sure went fast this year, right? Or is it just me…

Girls just wanna have fun 

We all need moments of uplift, probably now more than ever with all the horrible things going on in the world. 

When making my More : Less list for this year, I chose «more fun» as one important ingredient because I know that having fun refuels and energizes me. The reason for making this priority list was to set a reminder to myself; a simple tool to help me make the right choices in my busy life and manifest what I really want.

But be careful what you wish for… 

Because the past few months have been packed with all kinds of fun; lovely dinners, art walks and talks, exhibitions, lunches, more dinners, good conversations, friendly visits and deep thinking. Not to mention good friends… 

I’ve hardly had time for painting 🤣

OMG! It’s so nice to finally meet someone in real life after chatting online or making phone calls for such a long time. Lucky me!

Glimpse from my art studio

When spring approaches and you (hope to) see flowers everywhere I tend to feel more loose and free than during wintertime. This month I’ve pulled out some of my urns, vases and flower paintings from my stack of work in the messy middle. 

These paintings take inspiration from my sketchbooks and remind me of good times. Here is a sneak peek:

Work in progress: flowers and urns

Quirky, loose and free

In my art work I strive for progression, not perfection. I emphasize the process of abstracting and prefer a quirky, loose and free type of expression. My art teacher says I’ve always been an abstract painter.

I have always loved to simplify, stylize and abstract form elements and use the weirdest colours (like painting blue faces). I’m also fond of mixing different techniques and making lots of patterns. 

Sometimes my paintings are a little hard to grasp because they are so complicated – but so is life – and I believe art resembles life, and you don’t always understand what’s going on in your life. Right?

Q & A: Commissioned work

I’ve had a few queries about commissions. Unfortunately I will not be able to take on commission this Spring. 

Life – Work balance 

Truth be told, I sometimes miss the lockdown when I had to stay at home painting with my cat. I’m not a big fan of the hamster wheel. The modern rat race is not my best friend. Feeling overwhelmed and overworked from heavy work loads at my day job makes it hard to find energy and spend time on things that nourish my wellbeing.

Hopefully it will get better next month ‘cause Woop! Woop! The Year of the Dragon gave me new opportunities! 

But first: Easter Holidays 

Upcoming Spring Art Drop

At the moment I’m trying to put together a new body of work for my upcoming Spring Art Drop, so stay tuned for more info!

waiting for spring