When Life Makes a U-turn

Making big life decisions doesn’t necessarily come easy. Every new year I make time to reflect about the previous year: Did things turn out as expected, or do I need to change my priorities?

In today’s blog I will reflect upon making a U-turn, in order to turn my life around to align with my changing hopes and desires, with what I want from life and how I want to live from day to day. 

I’m the captain

As a former project manager I’m quite experienced in planning, evaluating and taking corrective actions in order to get where I want. The knowledge that you’re on the right path gives you energy to deal with rough days and short nights. I’m the captain, I know where to go, but sometimes you sail into troubled waters.

Most of us had our lives slightly changed during the pandemic. Also mine. Everything I had planned for was put on hold or canceled due to global and local restrictions. 

Weeks and months passed by, my energy level dropped, my dreams changed and I realized I was on the wrong track.

Taking online art classes is fun and inspiring, you “meet” a lot of nice people, but at the end of the day, you are all alone in your studio. Your life and your wellbeing is your responsibility. No one will come knocking on your door to rescue you. It all comes down to: You have to deal with your own shit!

So what to do?

sailing against new horizons
sailing against new horizons

Setting a new course

Taking corrective action in life is a bold move that requires courage and conviction.

Artists are often sensitive to the world around us, often with great empathy for other people. But sometimes we lack empathy for ourselves, or we might be too busy looking outwards. During the pandemic most of us had time to reflect. 

What’s important now? 

How do I want my life to be when the pandemic is over? 

Realizing you’ve come to a crossroads in your life might be hard to accept, but trust your intuition – pay attention to your dreams and your happy thoughts. 

Opportunity knocks

I’m not very skilled in sailing, but I do know how to plot a new course on a chart: So here I am happier than ever in my new almost full-time dayjob! Will have to adjust plans for my artist life though…