Xmas Art Drop 2023

Finally I have the pleasure of sharing some of my brand new artworks with you. How about that! The online exhibition / studio shop is now open exclusively for those who follow my newsletter. This private early access is available for five days only.

  • My series are all original and individual artworks.
  • My artworks are handmade and one of a kind. 
  • There are no prints for sale.
  • Affordable prices

What’s up: New collection

Proudly presenting brand new artworks for you to enjoy and purchase directly from my website. Check it out! 

New series: Magic Moments in Nature

Magic Moments in Nature

Like most Norwegians I love nature. Hiking in the nearby hills with my grandmother is among my strongest childhood memories. Daily rituals of roaming the woods, watching animal wildlife and exploring the fjord grounded me with Mother Earth and made me realize the importance of respectfully taking care of Nature. They say childhood shapes your future. 

Hiking and exploring together with nice people give new perspectives, positive energy and good memories, therefore I try to block out holes in my calendar to spend time in nature on a regular basis. Because spending time in Mother Nature can help relieve stress and anxiety; boost our immune system, creativity, and focus; and teach us to live more in the present.

Photoshoot in scarce winter light

Inspired from Mother Nature 

The paintings have several layers as do Mother Nature. Some layers are hidden while others stand out more clearly. Each trip gives rise to different shapes and brush strokes. Color schemes are inspired from both people and places. 

When in my studio I work from my heart and memory, not from photographs. Thus each painting captures unique emotional impressions and is a representation of what happened at a special moment in time and space. I aim to explore and filter reality through the prism of my individual perception by reinterpreting natural surroundings. 

Sizzling with energy

Guided by intuition I try to transform or «translate» my experience into patterns, shapes and color arrangements. Some of them are more recognizable than others. My intention is to make the paintings sizzle with energy, just like I felt during that special moment in time.

Hopefully the paintings touch on the complexity of being a tiny person walking around  in a big world and the wonderful feeling of belonging, of inner peace and calmness. 

Hope they bring out some Magical Moments in your life too! See them here

Looks quite good when matted

Inspiration for you

Every month I search for inspiration. This month I hope to inspire you! I paint what I cannot express in words. I paint to grasp the world around me by listening inwards. I paint in search of authenticity, trying to find and develop my true voice and always remember my artistic vision. Sometimes that resonates with the viewer and sometimes not. 

I believe every artwork will reveal its secrets to the right viewer and therefore you instinctively know when to buy a painting or not; because it speaks directly to you.  

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I love spending time with trees

The original paintings are hand painted, one of a kind and signed on the backside. Please remember that the paintings are sold unframed and unmatted so that you are free to choose what suits your personal taste and match your beautiful home best. 

In case you wonder; my prices will never ever be less expensive than today. The only way they will go is up, so grab the chance today!

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Measurments must be right